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The Battles, Part 3

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The Battles of Who Could Care Less

My only hopes for this episode of the Battle Rounds are that one contestant sings another into the ground by being loud, and that Christina gets on stage to prove that she is the true winner of all battles. One of these is more likely than the other, but it all comes down to what's in that Starbucks cup. We have so few steals left, too. Adam has both of his, but Blake is fresh out and Cee Lo and Christina have used one each. At least Cher is still around.

Based on the preview of battles to come, it looks like tonight is the battles of the contestants who look too similar for both to remain in the competition. Team Christina has the first battle of the night, with Josh Logan versus Michael Lynch. I sort of remember them, but next to one another the only thing distinguishing them is Josh Logan's porkpie hat. They're both dudes who like to take a casual approach to formalwear.

Oh no, I remember Michael Lynch. He has a "passion for Latin culture" despite being the whitest dude ever. He sang "Bailamos" with Christina, which is the only reason we saw his full audition in all its weirdness. I pray that Christina will jump in on this one, too. Josh Logan says that seeing Christina's guest mentor, Ed Sheeran, gives him butterflies because he has worked with Taylor Swift and One Direction. Who are you, Josh Logan, and what are you doing to our preconceived notions about guys who wear hats like that?

Christina has assigned these two the "rock/pop" driven "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5. Michael will not have an opportunity to show off his flair for speaking Spanish in this one. It's full of words—English words. I don't particularly care for either of them, but I guess I'd choose Josh as the winner of this battle. Christina seems to favor Michael, asking him to interact with her more in the final rehearsal. Just get up there and show them how it's done, Christina. Then crash the other battle rehearsals.

The song begins and Christina looks to Adam for a reaction to hearing his own song. Adam pops his head back and forth like a pigeon, with a forced "not bad" expression on his face. He obviously hates it. Michael's energy isn't quite right for the song, and I'm surprised to say this but I think Josh sounds better. There's a moment when his voice sounds like Cee Lo's and what's not to like about that? When all is sung and done, though, they are both weak and the battle was by no means epic.

Cee Lo says he enjoyed both their confidence and he thought Josh sounded almost identical to Adam Levine. Adam claps, clearly disagreeing. Blake agrees that Josh has Adam's influence; Adam cuts in that Josh has a more masculine sound and Blake adds "and image." Ahh, the banter is back. Adam says the performance was really fun but Josh had more power. Christina starts out her critique by showering Adam with compliments. Moving forward, the decision is not painstaking for Christina; she chooses Josh. No one steals Michael.

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