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The Battle of Who Could Care Less

For once, I am glad that these episodes of The Voice have been pre-recorded. Because you know some or all of the dickbags on this show (Adam, Carson, Blake, Christina, one of the contestants) would try to throw in a "binders full of women" joke, and I just don't have the patience for it. Not from my reality television, and not from my Facebook either. I've unsubscribed from so many of my friends that my news feed is just updates from the Murder, She Wrote fan page. If M,SW gets political on me, I swear to god I'm quitting the internet.

The last hour-long episode didn't affect me at all, so I'm hoping they cram as much into this hour as possible. Adam and Cee Lo can't steal any more contestants, and Christina Aguilera can't steal any more fans from the local community theatre's costume closet. It's the final week of Battles, but fear not, The Voice will always find a way to stretch things out. A second battle round with a sudden death element perhaps? A Hunger Games-related free-for-all that leaves only one singer victorious? I have lots of good ideas for someone who only uses the internet to keep up with an old show about Angela Lansbury solving mysteries.

The first two competitors of the episode are from Team Cee Lo: Alexis Marceaux versus Daniel Rosa. Daniel Rosa is a returning contestant who didn't get any button pushes last year. He's back with more confidence and the same bow tie. Alexis is from Louisiana and also serves as a reminder never to give up. Because of Hurricane Katrina, you guys. Louisiana? I don't know if you've heard of it. Lots of devastating hurricanes.

Daniel and Alexis are singing Adam Lambert's "Whataya Want from Me" and the first rehearsal is a bit too theatrical and classical for Alexis. Alexis says she wants to do more of "what Daniel is doing, because you can hear the pain." Daniel looks on, eyes full of pain, haunted by the ghosts of his previous failures. I think Cee Lo paired them together because they both have trendy glasses.

In the final rehearsal, Alexis puts up with Daniel's underdog syndrome, as he continues to doubt himself to gain Cee Lo's encouragement. He tells Cee Lo he just doesn't want to sound bad, which is a concern more people who open up their pie holes to sing should have. In an interview confessional, Daniel tells us he's scared of the notes. So, who will persevere and who will prove that sometimes you should give up if someone is better than you?

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