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The Battle of Long Runs

The Battle Rounds continue, as The Voice goes from being the singing version of MTV's Next, to the vocal version of Street Fighter. I do wish they would frame the battles a bit more like the battle screen on Street Fighter II, and then once the battle was finished, a photoshop-bloodied version of the losing singer's face would appear next to the victor's healthy shot. Come on, gang, let's spice it up a bit.

Tonight, more battles, more steals, more vague criticism from the coaches. The first match-up comes from Team Blake: Julio Cesar Castillo versus Terisa Griffin. This pairing makes no sense to me, or to Terisa. Julio sings mariachi in a restaurant, Terisa is a firecracker who reminds Cee Lo of all the women in his family. Blake claims the match-up came to him because of the song, Gloria Estefan's "Conga." It's a terrible song choice for both of them.

Terisa is on it in rehearsal, and Julio is like, "this song is fast." Michael Buble tries to tell them how to sing this song he has never tried to sing in his life, wearing an outfit I think I wore last week.

"Nobody really knows the words to this song," Michael Buble tells the contenders in an effort to make them feel better. They do, though. Everybody knows the words to this god damn song. Just because you've never tried, Michael ...

Terisa tells Blake and Michael she thinks they paired her with Julio to get rid of her. That was odd. In rehearsal, Julio can't keep up with the song, and Terisa can. Julio should be worried, not Terisa. They are somehow both underdogs in this battle, just by attitude alone. One thing I'll never understand about this show is why they layer on so many jackets. Don't they get hot on stage? Julio is wearing the requisite two jackets for this performance.

They both seem to be keeping up with the song, though. The song isn't big enough for Terisa and her vocal personality, and it would not surprise me if Julio's family was slightly offended by this choice for him. The performance has the judges laughing, mainly at Terisa's antics, and maybe partially at Julio trying to keep pace.

"I'm kinda speechless," Christina says, passing it over to Cee Lo, who thought it was "cool." Adam, who is looking a little less clean-shaven this time, thank god, noted that Terisa scared Julio, but his vote goes for Julio.

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