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This week, we narrow it down to the final three, and we're one step closer to waking up at the end of this with a hangover and wondering who we settled for this time. The top four performed songs of inspiration on Monday night, or at least two of them did. Sometimes I wonder if they forget to tell Blake things, or if they just don't tell him because they know he'll forget or not care. Michael Buble got conned into talking to Christina Milian in the Skybox. It was all good fun. Let's spend an hour talking about it, and fifteen seconds finding out the results.

Or, we could spend one hour talking about how damn fine Adam Levine looks in that suit. I mean damn fine. The less he talks the better. Christina is going full-blown Harajuku this week, and I can only assume it's to promote that her album is named "Lotus." Or maybe it's a throwback to her song "Reflection" on the Mulan soundtrack. That was back when Christina was still admittedly Latina, though.

Before we get to see "Season 2 favorites" perform, or find out whether Blake or Cee Lo will have the numbers advantage going into the finale, we watch a recap of the performance show. I want Nicholas David to win, and I think I want Terry to come in second. I want Trevin to do an album with Michael Bolton, and I want Cassadee to go away. She won't go away, though. She will probably win.

Do you think that bowler hat worked on Christina? I don't. Carson asks Adam why he seemed so genuine about the performers this week, since it's normally such a struggle for Adam to be sincere. Then Carson tries to wax philosophical with Cee Lo. "Sometimes when we're at our most vulnerable, it's when we truly let people in to see who we are as artists," Carson says. He has really been thinking about this. What he has not been thinking about, is asking questions that will provoke interesting answers worth listening to.

Then, Christina was like, "I'm so proud of the artists," and her shirt was like, "Z A 6 X O A Z!" I want that stupid shirt.

Terry and Cassadee sing "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men next. It's another confusing, garbage performance that nobody asked for but we got anyway. Ohhhh awkward, Of Monsters and Men are in the audience. Errr ... hey guys. Whoever is styling this show loves to put Cassadee in sparkly dresswa. For this performance, I'm guessing it was the Emerald City on wardrobe. Snip snip here, highlight there, and a couple of brand new bras, that's how we style The Voice away in the merry old land of Oz.

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