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With Team Adam annihilated last week, only Blake and Cee Lo remain to vie for the Season 3 title. Adam Levine can focus on his music now, while Christina can focus on becoming even more of an anime cartoon character. This week there will only be a single elimination, because we have to fill up the hour somehow next week. This week's results show is going to be a lot of filler. I feel like there was a "more filler than Christina's face" opportunity missed there, but I'm not entirely sure she's had filler work done.

Carson promises us "an inspirational night of music" and I really hope that isn't the theme this week. I hate inspirational music, especially when it's all lumped together for a show's theme. In addition to performances from the Top 4, Team Blake will perform in its entirety (yikes). Also, Michael Bublé is kicking things off with a robotic rendition of "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)."

I have a lot of feelings about Michael Bublé and most of those feelings are negative. He sounds like a Speak & Spell trying to sing. I also have a sneaking suspicion that he might be a douche. There was a YouTube video circulating for a bit of a kid singing really well at one of Michael Bublé's concerts, but the most interesting thing was the way Michael Bublé was treating him before he knew the kid could actually sing. Not that he should care about kids -- or anyone -- or his performance on this show. He just needs to promote a Christmas special.

Whisking the Bublé off stage, Carson asks a classy looking Adam Levine what Cee Lo has to do as a coach this season. It is a completely idiotic question and Adam gives it its rightful non-answer. Nobody has to do anything at this point. It's already a lock for Cassadee Pope.

Next, Carson thanks Christina for showing up, but she may have showed up loaded. She screams back at the audience, comments on how cute the boys look tonight, and then forgets the question. It doesn't matter, because the question Carson asked was, "what do the Top 4 have to do at this point?"

Next, Trevin Hunte goes home to Georgia and we get to meet his giant family in a clip package. His family believes in him and so does the school where he first started singing. It was the wrong kind of encouragement for anyone who thinks they can sing. Unless you can sing like Trevin Hunte, you probably shouldn't pursue it as your sole dream. But this week is about inspiration, unfortunately.

In accordance with this week's theme, Trevin is singing "Wind Beneath My Wings." I suppose I'm not entirely opposed to it, because if anyone can still feel something for this song without a shred of irony, it's Trevin Hunte. The song is overwrought, though. I think for the first time, the song got away from Trevin. It's unfortunate that this was the performance dedicated to his middle school and not that awesome one of "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You."

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