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Here we are, right in the middle of the auditions when they start to slog a bit. I'm sure there will be a couple good people in this episode, but maybe not early favorites. You know, two-chair turns. As the coaches get ready (Usher walking into the studio in a hat that is a street version of what Pharrell's wearing on stage lately), we "head" to Nashville to meet the first artist of the night. Her name is Megan Ruger who likes singing rock songs and classics like the offerings from Heart.

When she was 10, Megan found out that her dad is not her biological father. That's kind of a weird thing to share so soon, but oh well. You go, girl, and please change that hair because it's a little dated. For her audition she's singing "Just Like a Pill" by Pink. She has the confidence and control of a mature singer. I always like to hear someone who knows who they are as a singer on this show. She hits the chorus and still doesn't have any chair turns. I don't know what that's about. Her brother stares blankly at the screen from the viewing room as her not-biological father shouts, "come on!"

In the last moments, Blake and Usher push their buttons. Usher is disappointed to hear that Megan is from Nashville, but brings up that Megan is a rocker. Usher says Pink is all attitude and Megan was not lacking enthusiasm. Megan asks which one of them likes '80s rock more. Shakira says it's her, because she stopped paying attention. Megan chooses Blake, in the end, because of her Nashville roots.

Morgan Wallen, 20-year old landscaper from Tennessee, auditions next. He entered a contest and came in third place when he was eight. He was offered a record contract (what? To an eight-year old?) but his mom wanted him to have a normal childhood. So he got really into baseball. He was expecting to get a scholarship for baseball but he ripped some part of his elbow, so it was back to singing. Morgan's mom tries to tell us that "it really is so emotional when he's singing," but Morgan is just sitting there like a lump with a torn elbow.

Does he even want this? It's hard to tell. Anyway, Morgan is singing "Collide" and he has a gravel and grit in his voice that Shakira immediately responds to. I remember her really liking that style in her last season. It's very Lifehouse, and it's not very contemporary. Adam pulls a lot of faces at Usher until Usher finally pushes his button. He apologizes to Shakira, saying "I had to." Did he, though? Morgan is not exciting, as a person or a singer.

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