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Steal Crazy After All These Years

There's only one steal left, which is our reason for living, so the battles must be over after this episode. Ugh, this look back over the battles reminded me that Blake stole that pastor who does high kicks, right after I was hoping we'd never see him again. You win some, you lose some, you steal some. I do not recognize any of the singers shown in the lead-in to this episode. If everyone could stop changing their hair and just start wearing shirts with what I might remember about them on it that would be helpful.

Adam and his mentor Aloe Blacc are getting settled for their final battles and Adam is bullshitting to Aloe about how all that matters is "great music." I hate his stupid Hawaiian shirt and I've never known someone who wore their hair like that who wasn't a douche. This first pairing is Cary Laine against Sam Behymer. Wow, I barely remember either of them. Cary is a country singer from a small town but she chose Adam. I doubt Usher would want to steal her. Sam is one of the nannies on this show and she sang "Royals" with this generation's favorite vocal affectation.

These girls are very different, so Adam gave them Ed Sheeran's "Give Me Love." They both sound weird on it, so Adam achieved his goal I guess. The song seems to fit Sam a little better, and Cary looks at her in awe. Sam says Cary can push out some big notes but her response to that is to nail the emotion of the song. She should make more of an effort to nail the notes, though. Aloe tells her the breathiness is running the risk of being insincere and Adam calls it a gimmick. He's so smart, that Aloe Blacc. Cary, meanwhile, is having pitch issues.

In the final rehearsal, where they aren't sounding any more in sync, Aloe tells Sam she's doing a yodel that isn't necessary. Adam's face looks unimpressed. Sam says her yodel is like a security blank because the more quirk she has the less singing she has to do. It is a very self-aware moment that almost wins us over. Cary isn't really coming through the woodwork in this episode yet.

Sam starts the song off and sounds less affected than I remember, so that's a nice surprise. This is the wrong song for Cary, and that much is clear. When they get to the chorus, Sam is doing a lot of yodeling, giving her voice a lot of "personality." Cary is too strong for this song, I think.

Blake says they both did really good and captured the mood of the song. He tells Sam that when she bounces back and forth between her falsetto and regular voice she misses the pitch, but Cary also had some pitch issues. He says it comes down to a matter of Adam's taste. Shakira likes Sam's unique voice and thought Cary was solid. Adam says if you take away Cary's country leanings and Sam's "left-of-center approach" he sees a striking similarity in their tones. Whatever. He says they are completely equal but Sam had more special moments and emotion. She shaky-voice cries backstage, which is exactly why Adam chose her. Cary, who once had four chairs turning for her, doesn't get Usher's coveted steal.

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