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Season 6, Episode 6: The Blind Auditions Continue

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Four Nows and Five Nevers

Each coach has 11 spots filled on their team, which only leaves four openings. I'm sure this last episode of auditions is filled with "talented artists" who grew up singing in church and feel that it's "now or never" for their careers. But only four of them will make it; for the rest of them it's never.

The first audition is Joe Trombino who went to a high school for performing arts. He went there for dance and has done music videos but dancing wasn't enough. Joe has to sing. He was gigging with his brother until his grandmother suffered from a stroke and he moved back in with her. The next step is performing full time, Joe says, and at 33, gives us the first "now or never" of the evening. Most dancers on this show are kind of crappy singers. We will see if that's true. Instead of warming up vocally, Joe is nervously hip-hop dancing.

Joe Trombino has elected to sing "Love and Happiness," which is a risk not many singers on this show acknowledge. It's basically a good karaoke version. Adam and Usher snipe from behind their chairs. Joe goes into his falsetto and as Usher beckons for more, Joe gives more of his energy to dancing. Adam says Joe was too behind the beat and he wasn't giving the soul of Al Green, obviously. They tell him to preserve his falsetto and delayed vibrato but to figure out timing. Joe blames his nerves. Four spots remain.

The next contestant is Kaleigh Glanton from Wichita, Kansas. Her dad is a classical guitarist and the guitar has bonded them. She is very good. She also does CrossFit so, ughhhh I kind of hate her. People who are really into CrossFit? I can't. For Kaleigh, it is either a career in music or opening up a CrossFit gym. It's now or never, really for both of those career moves. For her audition she's singing "Have You Ever Seen the Rain." Kaleigh lets out a soulful "I know" and Adam hits his button. She has a unique voice and a very tight mouth. She should be on Adam's team, I think that would work.

After an excess of trills, Shakira pushes her button. Usher is still listening, but after one more vocal break, Blake pushes his button hoping for a country artist. Usher pushes his button at the end, in typical Usher fashion. Adam says it was really different, and the moments that were great were "really great." Shakira suggests that since they're both a little quirky they should "quirk up." Usher admires Kaleigh's unique vocal quality and tone, then Blake tells her she doesn't need any work like Adam claims.

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