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It Came Upon a Midnight Tweet

One more contestant gets the axe body spray and four plus one Twitter save continue on into the finals on this episode of The Voice. Cee Lo and Christina are both wearing hats tonight. Cee Lo's looks like it was purchased at a party store ("Amish Man Hat" or perhaps "The Rabbi") and Christina is very aware that her look is jaunty. She's posturing and playing with the hat and being pretty cute even though her shirt is gapping at the buttons. Don't adjust your television sets, the contestants are intentionally all dressed in black and burgundy, probably for some holiday group performance.

A recap of this week's performance show shows that Tessanne should probably win this, and that James is still getting too much credit. Cole made his amazing grandma cry, Will is still here, and Christina's team is taking well to her aggressive mentoring. I did think that Christina getting up on stage to talk about Jacquie was a bit much.

Now, to promote her Christmas special on NBC, Kelly Clarkson sings into a red bedazzled microphone. We love Kelly Clarkson on any show, in any size, with any hair color. Get it girl, and while we're at it, get it, Santa. Oh my gosh, the dancers came out with giant stockings full of gifts when Kelly hit the big moment in the song. I am dying to know what's in there. Blake got a special one and if I had to guess I'd say it's full of airplane-sized bottles of travel booze. I love this song, and I love how down to earth Kelly is about her pregnancy. This is the Voice equivalent to Beyonce's performance of "Love On Top" when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy.

There was a promotion for a pimped out Voice-themed Kia Sol that I will not even bother to describe because it was too stupid for words.

Carson asks Adam how he feels about his odds, with three team members left, and Adam appeals to the Twitter audience to save all three of his singers. Cee Lo says all six singers were equally amazing but would single out Tessanne for being the best. Christina continues posturing as "one of the boys" and blathers on about being prepared for anything, then makes a half-assed shout-out to the fans. Blake says it only takes one artist to win it all and he believes in Cole.

Tessanne, Matthew, and Jacquie, the show's three biggest voices, come together to sing "You've Got the Love" by Florence + the Machine. I feel like Matthew and Jacquie are waning behind the shadow of their coach, so I'll give Tessanne the win for this performance. They worked together well, though.

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