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2100 Lights Later

So America's Twitter save is back in play and I guess that's OK. In this batch of ten, there are still about four or five we could lose before it becomes a close competition. The performances of this week are reviewed, then we get right into Team Christina's group performance. The team is just Jacquie and Matthew now, so it can be even more about Christina. And come on, that much is obvious when Christina comes out, stomping the runway to a tiger growl and the intro of "Black Cat" by Janet Jackson.

Jacquie emerges from staircase next to a very fierce Christina and she sings at her. Jacquie looks so uncomfortable. Then Matthew comes out, his presence announcing that this is a Jackson family mash-up. The three of them sing "Scream" and it's a pretty powerful performance, even though Christina clearly outshines them as she intended. They launch into "Bad" and for once, Jacquie hits a note that neither Matthew nor Christina did. Matthew should do more Michael Jackson. The winner is obviously Christina.

Back from the commercial break, Carson awkwardly stumbles over his words talking about the Twitter save then saying we're "live on television" and confronting Adam about being The Sexiest Man Alive. Gross, no he is not. I don't want to waste another word on it.

Adam says he's feeling confident and knows that his team still has their best to show. Cee Lo says he still has two of the best contestants. Carson then moves to Christina, telling her that he dares say that was the best team performance the show has ever seen. I wouldn't disagree. Christina knows how to play to her strengths and feature her best voices (hers). Christina tells Carson it was so much fun and her artists are so wonderful. Carson makes fun of Blake for not being the sexiest man alive and Blake says he thinks Adam is beautiful for what's on the inside. Adam and Blake hug dramatically. Carson talks about a bromance, Christina and Cee Lo hug, everyone's time is wasted.

Carson talks about doing Thanksgiving together, then regrets saying it because the wheels at NBC started turning the moment Carson plugged himself in this morning. Blake gets things back on track by telling Carson that now his job is just to stand out of the way of his contestants.

And now, The Voice Confessional. This week, even Cher has to do it. They're talking about their most embarrassing moments this time. Caroline fell off a zipline and had to get an eye patch. Tessanne ate someone else's food at a fast food restaurant. Christina does not mention the Super Bowl, but offers that we should "google it." Adam says he had his fly open on the jumbotron. James had to perform a musical telegram dressed as a banana. Matthew told us that he wet the bed 'til he was seven last week, and Jacquie face-planted after meeting Christina. Austin forgot the words to a song, Kat did a high kick that caused her shoe to fly off and hit someone (are we surprised?). Cee Lo's pants fell down on the Dave Chappelle show. Sara Bareilles told an audience about her period when her piano didn't work. Miguel fell off the stage and I think we have all seen at least a gif of him jumping on some girl's head. Ed Sheeran falls a lot. Ryan Tedder face-planted on stage. Cher fell on a hat. Ray has never been embarrassed. The celebrities have a lot more embarrassing moments but we've seen them, so Tessanne wins this confessional.

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