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Season 5 – The Knockouts, Part 2

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I have no idea where the Knockout Rounds are at these days. Are we halfway? Three quarters of the way? Does anyone care and does it even matter? What I do know is that there are two steals left, unless there are more steals in the live rounds. Blake says that another round of steals means "this is the ultimate way to know you're bringing the best possible team to the live shows." But it's a team full of losers! We're all losers.

The episode begins with a gimmicky, high school theater massage train, initiated by Christina. Get off the stage, y'all. The first Knockout is between Lina Gaudenzi and Preston Pohl from Team Adam. Adam stole Lina from Christina and I don't know if Christina would be allowed to steal her back? Anyway, Lina is singing a song by Etta James that is not "At Last." Thank god. It's "I'd Rather Go Blind," by the way, and Lina wants to show a more soulful, bluesy side to her voice. Adam wants her to commit to singing the song and stop modeling around it.

Preston is an early favorite of mine, even though he dresses almost too quirky. He doesn't need to work or decide to show off the soulful, bluesy side to his voice, he just has it. He chose "No Woman No Cry" by Bob Marley and Adam would be nervous about anyone but Preston or maybe Tessanne singing it.

Lina starts things off and her vibrato is still faster and more frantic than I'd like to hear it. She also seems to be acting to sell the performance instead of feeling it. But I like her more than I have in the past. Preston's "No Woman No Cry" is not my favorite Preston performance but his charisma and presence will get him through. While Lina chose the rangier song and performed it well enough, the coaches seem to favor Preston. Cee Lo says Preston's vocal quality is rare and Lina had some stand-out moments as well. Adam goes with his gut and chooses Preston. Lina must settle for being grateful for a second chance.

The next Knockout is between two people I almost forgot about on Team Blake: E.G. Daily versus Ray Boudreaux. E.G. reminds us almost immediately that she was in PeeWee's Big Adventure and is a voice actor. But we can do away with Tommy Pickles I hope. She's singing "I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bonnie Raitt because she wants to be "an adult country, soul, rock artist" and this song has it all. Blake tells E.G. to reel it in a bit. But a baby's gotta do …

Ray is singing "Hard to Handle" by Otis Redding because he wants a career singing soul music. Blake says he's impressed with Ray but there are still things Ray needs to work on.

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