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Season 5 – The Knockouts, Part 1

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Sour Punches

The Knockout Rounds are next in this endless string of rounds and saves and witty coach banter. They have added another round of steals, so this season may never end. In the Knockouts, the singers we know a little bit better are quickly pitted against another singer on their team and they sing solos back to back. The coach then chooses one singer to move on and the other is eliminated or stolen. Two steps forward, one step back.

There's also some one-on-one coaching for the artists, who have chosen their Knockout song themselves. The coaches deliver vocal challenge clich├ęs, about how important song choice is and how they don't want to have to decide because everyone is so talented and that's just how great this show is. WTFE, am I right? With all this bullshit there's barely any time to waste on introductions. On to the first knockout pairing, rather abruptly!

To jolt this episode to life, Team Christina's Amber Nicole takes on Josh Logan. They are completely different singers, but Christina must be tired of one of them. We don't know, we don't get to see her rationale. Amber won her battle to "Listen" from Dreamgirls and now she will be singing "Mama Knows Best" by Jessie J. She sounds good in rehearsals but Christina says she's a bit sharp on the end and should bring character to the performance. Don't you want to win, little girl?

Josh Logan chose to sing "Living for the City" by Stevie Wonder while wearing his trademark tiny-brim hat. Trillby? Pork Pie? Whatever it is, he should try not wearing it. He wants to win the Knockout for himself but also for his son and his daughter. And for you, America. Just kidding, America, Josh doesn't care so much about you.

Amber Nicole sings first and pretty much smacks the song up side the head. I see nothing wrong with this performance. Right after, Josh Logan (#Josh, we're told) is up sounding very good on Stevie Wonder, but sounding a lot more Team Adam, you know? Watching Blake try to move to this is embarrassing for all involved. Overall, I'm not sure many whiter things have happened on this show. That's why we have to show Cee Lo enjoying each performance, for some actual credibility.

The judges seem to be nuts for Josh, even though Amber's performance is polished and dare we say divalicious. No, I hate myself for saying that, but when in White Rome, right? Christina says that, because of "certain ideas that carry over into what's next," Josh is the winner of this Knockout. I'm disappointed for Amber, who was very, very good, but performed too early to steal.

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