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Season 5 – The Battles Premiere

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Misery Loves Harmony

The battle begins and we do a Hail Mary for Tessanne, because Donna has no qualms about burying her. This is not a great song for either of them, to be honest. It's too small for Donna, but they're both making the most of it, until Donna just starts screaming. It's a good battle, with nice harmonies and tricks. Blake would go with Donna, while Christina and Cee Lo would go with Tessanne, while acknowledging Donna's undeniable talent. Adam thinks both could win, but goes with Tessanne. Surprisingly and sadly, no one steals Donna. I bet she is secretly pissed.

The final battle of the night doesn't seem like it will matter. It's Team Christina's Briana Cuoco versus Jacquie Lee. Briana has a famous sister and Jacquie has almost every vowel in her first name. I don't particularly care about either of them. Christina gives them "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals to reinvent. Christina encourages them to use blues inflections, which I think Jacquie could do with a few less. Christina and Ed hold their hands through every nuance of this "reinvention."

The steal has already been teased for this battle so let's get on with the "performance of the night," as promised by Carson. Jacquie is dragging less than she was in her rehearsals, and seems less timid, but I don't always enjoy watching her sing. Briana, at the very least, looks as cool as she sounds. It's the wrong song for both of them, with Jacquie being so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and Briana being a little tentative still. In the end, I think Jacquie stomped Briana a little bit, just by going for it a bit more. It was not the performance of the night, in my opinion.

Cee Lo would give it to Jacquie, Adam says he doesn't know who he'd go with, and Blake says Briana captured more of what was meant to happen in that song. Christina says they both won for working so hard and digging so deep. But the real winner is Jacquie, leaving Briana open for Cee Lo and Blake to steal. Briana makes the wrong choice, going to Team Blake. Cee Lo has been scorned twice now.

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