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Misery Loves Harmony

The next battle belongs to Cee Lo. His first two artists are Anthony Paul and Caroline Pennell. This is a pairing that makes little to no sense, but it will likely go Caroline's way because she is memorable and Anthony's performance was montaged over. Plus, Caroline is just about the cutest thing anyone has seen. Cee Lo is challenging them in this battle to sing "As Long As You Love Me" by Justin Bieber.

"This song is a little outside my genre, but I'm familiar with it," Caroline says, being more than kind. A true diva would have said, "I don't sing no Bieber, this is beneath me," and walked off the show. Anthony thought he had an advantage because this is in his "style," until he heard Caroline sing it. Anthony is too show choir, and Caroline is still shy.

Just when it seems hopeless, or even worse, boring, the final rehearsal proves that these two have a lot to teach each other. The fact that Anthony seems more connected to the song makes Caroline nervous. But what doesn't make her nervous? Books?

In the performance, the youngsters show a softer side to this pop song. I think they successfully accepted influence from each other. Caroline is acting a bit more and Anthony is softer somehow. I really like what Caroline is doing with it, and I don't like the accidentally stalker-ish way Anthony was looking at her for the performance.

Adam "I Hate This Country" Levine tells these two they both killed it but he would go with Caroline for making it so unique. Blake would also go with Caroline. Christina declares it her favorite battle of the day. Cee Lo says Anthony's voice is efficient and Caroline's encourages him to dream with his eyes open. Christina reaches for her fan. Cee Lo chooses Caroline and in the last moments of his goodbye speech, Christina steals Anthony for his razor sharp vocal control.

Adam's next battle is Donna Allen versus Tessanne Chin. He should not have paired these two together because they are both irreplaceable. Adam admits that this pairing was difficult to even conceive of, but no explanation why he went through with it. They are singing "Next to Me" and how heavily Donna is overpowering Tessanne is absolutely hilarious. I had to watch it multiple times, just Donna scream-singing over the top of Tessanne's tentative "oooh."

"If you take a backseat to Donna, she will steamroll you," Ryan Tedder says. "You can't be louder than Donna," Adam tells Tessanne. Donna reminds us that she is the oldest contestant here and she is obviously not going down without a fight.

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