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Season 5 – The Battles Premiere

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Misery Loves Harmony

"I'm really proud to know that one day I'll be like, yup, I heard it first and I pushed my button," Christina tells the girls, never forgetting to compliment herself first and foremost. In the end, Christina chooses Amber Nicole, which is a surprising call but one I approve of. Maybe she did that since it seemed like the judges would be more likely to steal Timyra-Joi. The girl with the big bow in her hair at all times tearfully tells Christina thank you, but is left with no one else to thank. No one steals her, and this is the last time I will be typing out Timyra-Joi.

Blake's first battle is next, which means it's time to watch Cher. Blake never thought in a million years that Cher would be on the show with him but I guess those with the audacity to ask are rewarded. Blake's battle is between two country singers: Justin Chain and Shelbie Z. Shelbie Z. is one of my all-time favorite contestants so this had better go her way. Justin almost died in a car accident, though, and was wearing the same shirt as Blake for his audition. Shelbie Z. had three button pushes and knows who Cher is. Justin doesn't seem to acknowledge that there is a Legend in the room.

Blake has assigned these two "Don't You Wanna Stay" by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson. Shelbie Z. seems to be cowering in the shadow of Justin's perfect pitch in rehearsal. Cher asks Justin if he has a little power that he's not using, and he doesn't know how to answer that. Cher tells him to find it and use it. What would you say if Cher asked you that question?

In the final rehearsal, Shelbie works on showing her softer side. Justin and Shelbie have trouble finding the harmony, and their personalities. What we gather from both of them is that this is important. Was there an outage at the pleather factory? I can't believe the lack of jackets we're seeing this season.

Justin sounds good, tentatively touching Shelbie Z.'s chin to show tenderness. It gets to the chorus with those harmonies, though, and they are both focusing so hard on the notes. I think Shelbie Z. got intimidated and forgot to sparkle for the judges. She sounds great on her own, though. This is the most nervous I've been during a battle, simply because they are making me so uncomfortable.

Christina says these two had a great blend and would make a great duet pairing in real life. Christina would go with Shelbie Z., though. Cee Lo says it was beautiful but would also go with Shelbie. Adam says the performance was great and the vibe was great and they were such a great unit and everything is basically great. Blake says that he knows from personal experience that this song is hard to sing. To my relief, Blake chooses Shelbie Z. Justin did everything right, but it's the end of the road for him.

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