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Season 5 – The Battles Premiere

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Misery Loves Harmony

In the final rehearsal for this battle, Nic brings the running leather jacket count for the episode to two (counting Cee Lo's latest Michael Jackson Thriller-inspired number). Adam and Ryan tell Nic and Grey that their rehearsal is sounding good and Nic overreacts with joy. This is not an energy match, and I would be surprised if Adam keeps Nic, just because his antics could compete too much for the spotlight. Adam's beard is too long in this rehearsal. I don't like it, or his weird Hawaiian shirt. What is he, a dad on vacation?

In a surprisingly minimal amount of performance leather, Grey and Nic begin their performance. Carson Daly isn't even in his leathers. They are both good singers and terrible actors. The chemistry they had so hoped to convey in rehearsals isn't reading in the performance. In spite of their battling excessive vocal runs I would go with Grey for a safer bet but Nic for the dark horse. He might be too annoying, though.

After the performance, Blake laughs half-heartedly like "ha ha they were both so good, too bad for you, Adam" but it doesn't come across as sincere. At least Blake finds a way to make it about him again, telling Nic that he didn't hit on him nearly as much as he hit on Adam. I'd prefer to think about Christina's eyebrows. Blake says he'd go with Nic, and Christina says Grey was a good counter-balance to Nic's energy and she would go for Grey, who had consistent and focused vocals. Cee Lo says he likes Grey but is partial to what Nic is bringing to the stage.

Adam tells Grey that her talent is still un-tapped. I think he means it as a compliment. He then tells Nic that he brings an energy to the stage that is "infectious." Adam is not great at giving compliments and he sort of seems like he just wants to take a nap in his own beard. Adam gives it to Grey, likely because he can't stand to be around Nic anymore. Too much manic energy.

Carson announces that Nic is available to steal and Nic looks to the coaches with pleading eyes. He thanks Adam and breaks down into stalling emotion after a few words. Blake, who must not be deterred by the fact that Nic's nose piercing looks like dueling boogers, pushes his button and welcomes Nic onto his country western team, where he will surely be eliminated in the next round.

"Why is Adam such an idiot! Not enough was said about your singing," Blake tells Nic, then asks him if he'd teach him how to dance. Ughhhhh he's so exhausting, this Nic character. Also, I genuinely enjoyed hearing about how that guy designed Christina's rehearsal set for The Voice in that tricky Kohl's commercial.

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