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Season 5, The Battles, Part 4

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The Battles Really Begin (and End)

They will be battling to "I Wish It Would Rain" by The Temptations. Adam says Preston's rasp is sometimes almost too controlled, but it's a minor criticism. This is Preston's to lose. Adam tells Barry he's "the kind of guy who could surprise us." Adam's not pulling any punches this season. In an almost desperate move, Barry starts doing the "horn" and even though Preston lights up, calling, "there it is!" Adam won't let him make a mockery of The Temptations.

"Doing the horn is definitely a risk but it's kind of my thing," Barry says, losing almost all his likeability. In the final rehearsal, Preston sounds so, so good. Ryan Tedder even calls his voice "sick." Bye, Barry.

The two contenders come out and clink their glasses together and the battle has begun. Preston starts things out, laying it down with just the right amount of emotion and finesse. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Preston in this competition, on his own without ol' mouth horn over there. Barry does the horn and everyone chuckles politely. He is almost running out of times to do that, just like the voice of Tommy Pickles wore out its welcome in one episode.

"Let's talk about the horn real quick!" Blake says, encouraging Barry too much. Christina marvels at it, asking Barry to do it yet again. It will be his fifth or sixth time doing it on the show, and in terms of airtime we are looking at probably 20% of Barry's moments dedicated to the faux flugelhorn. There comes a time when we need to stop humoring people. Anyway, now that we've indulged the horn, it's time to give Preston all the credit he is due. His voice is like butter.

Adam says the choice is clear, and this battle belongs to Preston. I'm glad he's clear-headed this evening or daytime or whenever they filmed this endless day of battles. Blake foolishly encourages Cee Lo to steal and Cee Lo looks to the crowd, who does not urge him one way or the other. Barry is not stolen.

Next, a montage of battles we could have predicted based on how little we know about one of the contenders. That darling blonde girl Holly Henry battled a girl named Cilla Chan to "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia. I don't even know if I'm spelling their names right. I'm sorry, Scilla, Cilla? Silla. Then, also for Team Blake, Emily Randolph battled Brandon Chase. I don't remember either of them, but Brandon won the battle "Tiny Dancer." Then, on Team Cee Lo, Tamra Shaunice battled Kiera LeShay (I don't think I got those spellings right. One of them is a gospel singer and the other is a fitness instructor. The gospel singer, Tamra, won). That was stressful for us all.

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