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Love Songs and Favoritism

The Top 10 perform in this episode, and Carson seems more excited about it than usual. Like, we can tell when he's tired, but he must have found a new energy supplement. Christina is looking fierce as fashion's German governess tonight. Cee Lo is wearing … a cape meant for a giant shoe? Who knows? Carson's beard is growing in unevenly for "Movember," and I am loving that.

The Top 10 start things off by singing "Just Say It" together. It's nice to have a reminder of who is left. It's so many guys this season. Group performances pretty much never sound good. The people trying too hard in this performance are Kat and James. The older contestants don't seem very invested, and Will is on a completely different planet. So many eyes to avoid contact with!

Austin Jenckes is first to perform and I hope it's something that stands out. Blake is also hoping for that. Austin has been assigned "Your Love" by The Outfield. Or you may have heard the Katy Perry version. Austin has his beard and glasses and hat and guitar, so he's all outfitted for this performance. The performance is pleasant, but Austin really takes it at the end with some big notes. He is still very likeable.

Blake says the way Austin ramped up was awesome. Christina calmly says, "if that's what you guys worked on then super great job." Haha, so passive aggressive. Adam notes that this is, of course, one of his many favorite songs and he wanted more gravely rasp. Adam is a little down on himself tonight. Cee Lo enjoys being a fan and still thinks Austin is effortless.

For almost no reason at all, Usain Bolt joins Carson Daly in the skybox. He's from Jamaica, Tessanne is from Jamaica. Carson stupidly offers to race Usain Bolt from one end of the skybox to the other and they both mock-run around for a bit. He's just winging it, live.

Jacquie Lee sings next, to save Carson from embarrassing himself any further. Christina takes Jacquie to a yoga lesson, to show off that Christina does yoga as part of her new, fresh lifestyle. This week, Jacquie is singing "Clarity," like so many contestants before her and on other TV shows. I am very familiar with this song, and Michelle Chamuel's version of it and I don't think it's quite as good on Jacquie. It just doesn't fit right. It's right in the middle of her break, and she's sliding all around on the pitch.

Christina says wow, it came together so beautifully and she was really touched. Cee Lo says Jacquie is one of the best singers, but there were a few moments early in the song where the nakedness of the arrangement exposed some weaknesses. Blake says it was different to hear "a broken-down version of you" but she eventually started doing the Jacquie thing that we all love. I think it's safe to say this was not her best.

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