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Christina Takes It All

Blake and Cee Lo may be out of the race now, but points to whichever one of them mentions Beyonce's surprise album first. I want to say it will be Blake, because Cee Lo isn't that desperate to prove he knows what's going on in pop culture. Actually, Blake will probably mention Grumpy Cat like he just found out about it. Anyway, it's the finale and only Will, Jacquie, and Tessanne remain. As punishment, they will each sing three times in this episode and Tessanne already looks tired. She should win this, right? All I know is that no one has ever said Will could win this whole thing.

Before anyone performs, we take a look back many moons ago at when this whole thing started and I missed my opportunity to learn how to spell Will Champlin's name properly. While Adam is more statistically likely to win, I'd love to see this one go to Christina. Is Jacquie Lee the sixteen-year old girl to do it this season? Christina had a shirt made that says "Mama came to play" over her boobs and I'll be honest, I want one now.

Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green, and Christina Aguilera join forces once more with some help from members of Def Leppard to sing "Pour Some Sugar On Me." This is a total stripper song and I approve of how weird they're making it. I'm also into Christina creeping into Cee Lo's frame when he's singing. Christina proves that Mama did, in fact, come to play. Adam looks like he couldn't give two shits about this performance, which is likely accurate. Cee Lo wore his stripper boots for the occasion.

The first round of performances will be the song each finalist auditioned with, which is a great idea. The second round is a duet with their coach, which might explain why Adam is so over it. The final song is anything goes (in terms of the rules, they will not all sing "Anything Goes" by Cole Porter). Before they show off their audition song, the contestant's coach shares a first impression in front of that glaring white screen. It looks like Adam died, or is talking about someone who did.

Anyway, Tessanne is singing "Try" by Pink for us once again. She nailed it the first time and I don't expect this to go any differently. While this is still a strong song for Tessanne and we can see that she has gotten even more comfortable in the competition, I think she has had better song choices since. Now that my boyfriend Cole Vosbury is out of the running, I really think Tessanne should win. I'm worried that because she should, she won't.

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