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Season 4 – Top 8 Live Eliminations

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My Country 'Tis of Blake

Eight singers are lined up on a giant stage designed to look like a boxing ring, with Carson Daly in the middle. This can only mean one thing: it's Carson Daly's Hunger Games! Inspired by two books he listened to the first half hour of on tape, Carson is setting up his own high-stakes vocal competition that is more about surviving than about being a good singer. No, I wish. It's just The Voice.

After the performance show recap, Carson tells us that all eight artists charted on iTunes. So ... yay? That iTunes money is how they pays for all those bedazzled cowboy boots. Oh, and Carson has the audacity to call it "a great night in music."

To start things off along with Team Blake, Sheryl Crow is fulfilling her end of a favor she owes NBC. Team Blake loves a fancy set, and Sheryl's is no exception. It has three large chandeliers hanging over ... what is that, a fake lawn? A ballroom? I don't care, because the only thing I can think of is how one of the chandeliers should fall and turn this into a stunning homage to Phantom of the Opera. Phantom goes Country. Is this musical performance even worth commenting on if the chandelier doesn't fall? No, it is not.

Zero fallen chandeliers and phantoms later, Carson checks in with the coaches to ask a few of his lame, filler questions. How important is risk-taking, Adam? Adam says that this is not the time to play it safe. He manages to throw in a dig at Blake and his laid-back coaching style. Shakira reflects on how difficult coaching is and says song selection is challenging. She is being very humble and honest and unsure. It's an odd moment for Shakira. Like, I want to tell her she's doing fine, but that could be a lie. Shakira blames herself if Sasha goes home.

Carson feels awkward with genuine human emotion, so he skips on over to Usher to ask if they're good. Haha remember, that big celebrity feud they had? No, no one cared. Love Usher, though. Usher is going all in on Michelle Chamuel, and I believe him.

Blake is asked about "the right performance at the right time," and that takes up a good minute or two. The conclusion is that yes, it is very important. But Carson stretches time a bit by talking about Blake and Miranda's Oklahoma tribute and a benefit concert on NBC featuring Blake Shelton for Oklahoma. Oh, and Starbucks is doing something, too. You can donate through a participating Starbucks and they'll give you a free crappy cup of coffee. You could also just donate to the American Red Cross and not have to drink their drip coffee.

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