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Something's Gotta Give

They can really pack a lot of people into that studio, and I can't believe how many people are there just for an elimination show. Carson introduces the coaches and Adam Levine gives a mock salute, perhaps to continue his pattern of irreverence for this great nation of ours. Shakira waves, Usher puts a leg up on his chair to show confidence. Blake does that pointing thing, meaning it's time for someone from his team to go.

Carson announces that Cassadee Pope, last season's winner, is here to debut her new single. Good, because we've all been wondering what that might sound like, unless we were too busy moving on with our lives and forgetting about her. We're the voting public, we're fickle! Before that gets rolling, we watch a recap of the Top 6 performance show.

Blake is still feeling confident, as he has sneaked into the Top 6 with a mathematically improbable four people. Usher really believes in his remaining artist, Michelle Chamuel. Adam makes the most out of his one remaining artist, who is pretty much a country singer. Shakira loves her Sasha Allen, who gave in and went country, too. Of all the performances, though, Amber Carrington's rendition of "Crazy" is the most haunting and memorable in this package.

Carson tells us all six artists charted in the Top 100, and half of the Top 10 country charts were made up of contestants from Team Blake. Another mathematical improbability. But enough about Team Blake, let's see the winner of last season, who was on Team Blake. Cassadee Pope is here to sing "Wasting All These Tears," her new single that is nowhere to be found on these charts.

I remember how much they loved putting Cassadee in sparkly dresses last season, and yet again she's in a disco ball. Her song starts out sounding bad. I don't know the song, so it's hard to say what is or isn't on pitch, but it sounds like there were notes she was supposed to hit but only orbited. She sounds a lot like Avril Lavigne with a dash of country influence. Blake is shown singing along in his chair, as he is contractually obligated to keep up with Cassadee's career. Well, this song certainly is ... angsty.

Carson contradicts my earlier hypothesis by congratulating Cassadee for reaching #1 on the iTunes country chart. I wonder how Cassadee really feels about that. She tells Carson she's grateful, but is interrupted by Carson's dumb question about the lyrics of the song.

>"Who left you 'standing on the corner crying,' because Blake and Adam and Usher and I want to kill him haha," Carson says, roping Usher into this lighthearted murder threat of a stranger. Great interview, Carson, you haven't lost your touch at all.

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