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Now that they are ready for it, Carson starts out this live episode extending heartfelt thoughts and prayers to everyone in Oklahoma from everyone in the Voice Family. To perform a special tribute that will be more valuable than Carson's time-killing Q&A, Blake Shelton teams up with Miranda Lambert to sing "Over You" while the number for the American Red Cross is on a banner across the bottom of the screen.

This is a great performance. Blake and Miranda are both taking it really seriously, it means something to them more than performing on a results show. Sincerity is a good look on Blake. The performance cuts suddenly, awkwardly, to a recap package of the Top 10 performances. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

My predictions for who's going home tonight, or who should, are Josiah Hawley and Kris Thomas. I'd like to see them go because I don't care much for them. I think they might go because they got a lot more "constructive criticism" than the other contestants, who basked in a wash of "you rocked it."

Kris Thomas and Sasha Allen perform with Shakira for the first time, and this could be the last Team Shakira group performance for all we know. Sasha and Shakira remind us how good their voices are in "Stand By You" and Kris Thomas is there, too. I like Shakira's sparkly thigh-high boots.

"Kris, Sasha, and Shakira everybody!" Carson says over the audience applause, "and look who I found tonight in the audience, it's our friends Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel from Fast and Furious 6!" Yeah, because Vin Diesel loves The Voice.

"Nice to see you guys, what's happening!? What a whirlwind you guys have been on," Carson says to his friends, "these movies are so incredibly popular, you got 6 coming out," Carson fades out. Then Vin Diesel reminds Carson that he used to be a real person with a reputable job back when the first Fast and Furious movie came out. That was back before we knew someone would make a whole franchise out of these movies; back when Paul Walker was a thing.

"We're so excited about the movie. Just one second, that performance for Oklahoma was touching," Vin Diesel tells Carson, laying it out on the line, "and I love this show. I love The Voice," he continues. Carson interrupts with, "look how cool you are, you've got glasses on." I know this can be a flippant remark to make about people on TV, but I sincerely question if the three of them are drunk. It's the best.

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