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Season 4 – The Live Playoffs, Part 2

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A Little Bit Country

Teams Blake and Shakira have to perform after several "wow" performances from Teams Usher and Adam. There is no way it can be as good a night. To remind the teams what they have to live up to, we view a clip of how good night one of the playoffs was. All the witty judge comments made it into the reel, too. Blake will be happy about that. Shakira's writers need to get back on that so she can make the highlights.

Carson speaks to Blake first, reminding us that he has a team full of country artists. Blake is proud to be country; he sticks with what he knows. Shakira tells Carson she feels like a mama bird whose baby birds are flying out of the nest. Shakira asks America to please give her artists the opportunity of a lifetime. But, from my understanding, three of them will have that opportunity regardless of how we vote, so ...

Blake wants to show that he, like Usher, can have unconventional coaching techniques. So, he brings his team to a karaoke bar to loosen them up a bit. Blake tells his team that it's easy to lose your personality when you're focusing so hard on performing, and he likes that when people see him they know they're not the biggest idiot. Blake, I didn't like you, then I liked you, then I hated you, but now your charm is starting to wear me down again.

Young Danielle sings "YMCA," and other bad karaoke selections include "Soul Man," "Play That Funky Music," "I Will Survive," and "We Are Family." It must have been the disc that came with the karaoke machine. Blake hopes this team building exercise will help this group performance of "Boondocks." They definitely picked up that whole getting the audience to clap thing. The song sounds great, of course, because they are all the same genre.

Garrett Gardner of Team Shakira has the first solo performance of the night. He is singing one of the vocal competition manipulation favorites: "Imagine" by John Lennon. Oh, and he's sitting at a piano. Shakira really wants us to like him as much as she does. It'll be tough, though, since John Mayer came out as such a douchebag.

This performance, even just this song choice, is clamoring to be called a "breakout moment" but I just don't think Garrett can deliver something that moves us. After the performance, Carson goes to Adam first because he knows it's one of his favorite songs. Adam congratulates Garrett on being here, then says it's one of his favorite songs but one of his least favorite songs for people to do. People who aren't him, that is. Adam is proud of Garrett in general, and doesn't say anything about this performance specifically.

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