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Season 4 – The Knockouts, Part 1

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Sweet Teams Are Made of This

If you thought the violent analogies were over, you were dead wrong. The bloodthirsty vocal gladiators must face one more test of their might before the live shows. Eight contestants remain on each team, but will now take each other on in what Carson Daly thinks is basically The Hunger Games because he only saw it one time on an airplane and fell asleep. It's the Knockout Rounds, which will wipe out half of this season's contender population.

For the Knockouts, the contestants will only have themselves to blame as they are left to choose their own solo songs. The only things they don't have control over are who their coach chooses, and who didn't get a full segment during the auditions or Battle Rounds. One song stands between them and America's text-voting judgment, and we'd better get to see every song in full.

Team Adam and Team Shakira take the stage on tonight's episode. There are no steals or saves, just a lot of hard decisions for Adam and a lot of "her?" on Shakira's team. I wish the female coaches would pick better teams because it's starting to look like we're not good at judging people. We are very good at it.

Adam's first pairing is Amber Carrington versus Midas Whale. This doesn't make much sense to me, but they aren't singing together so he "midas whale" pit them against each other. Plus they are both kind of country and Adam doesn't have much insight into that world, Blake would claim. Amber, trying to prove that she can sing pop, too, chose "I'm With You" by Avril Lavigne. It would not be hard to do this song better than the original. Amber also has a dead mom to sing for, not that that should factor into voting until America has a chance.

Midas Whale chose "Higher Ground" by Stevie Wonder for their song. They gave it a folk/bluegrass arrangement knowing that they're taking a risk. It will be a very difficult choice for Adam, and it will be weird for us to watch the opposing contestant(s) sitting in the corner of this preposterous boxing ring set while their competition performs.

Amber performs first, and she makes the song sound like it was actually written for a singer with a bigger voice like hers. She does well, and I know Blake will say something about how she's the one that got away.

Midas Whale performs next, without instruments. I like them better when they have instruments. They're almost jarring as just two guys singing this funky arrangement. It wins me over about halfway through, though, and I felt like they give us just enough time to "get it."

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