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Season 4: The Blind Auditions, Part 5

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Shootout at the Four Chair Corral

Have you ever been watching TV, and then The Voice comes on and you're like, "wait a minute! I thought I was watching The Voice, but this is clearly a movie! Who replaced my show with this movie starring my favorite pop stars? And I get to watch this for free?" No, of course you haven't. Because you are not an idiot. But Usher did look cool rolling in on that motorcycle with the red rims that match his shoes. Those shoes look like they're made of Jell-o. I don't know.

This week's movie, oops I mean show, starts with the coaches reflecting on how great The Voice is. It's the last week of auditions, so Shakira had better hope the other teams fill up so she can get some singers, and not just the ones who speak Spanish. The blindest auditions yet start now.

Carson meets up with the coaches backstage to get the screen time his contract demands. He blandly tells Shakira and Usher that they're fitting in right away and it's a really fun season to watch so far. They all agree that it's a blast, and hug. Carson holds on a bit longer than the rest.

Jeff Lewis, not the guy from Flipping Out, is a golfer from Dallas, Texas. Now he's living in L.A., where he moved mostly to start dancing. He got a record deal with Interscope but possibly out-douched himself in his videos that were never released because of FCC standards for douchiness. He and Carson have a very long, intimate conversation outdoors in the sun. Why? Carson wishes him luck outdoors, not even in the green room. The next shot we see is Jeff dressed like Carson Daly's protégé, walking on stage to sing an Usher song with a guitar.

Jeff has chosen "U Got it Bad" by Usher. Usher's eyebrows raise at this acoustic version of his delicious, buttery single. Jeff can carry a tune, but he sounds basic, forgettable. Cut to: a closeup of Usher's hand considering a button push, then withdrawing. In the last ten seconds, Usher turns his chair, followed immediately by Blake and Shakira. Adam knows better.

Blake says he's screwed, but he detected a hint of country. Jeff notes that he grew up in Dallas, so maybe that is where he got his affectation? No, definitely L.A. Usher tells Jeff he would like to change his life (by helping him win The Voice). Jeff delivers platitudes about each judge. He's such a big fan of everyone and "Shakira, what more needs to be said? Shakira." So Jeff goes with Usher, and they slap their leather jackets together.

Back in the viewing room, Jeff greets his mysterious family we never cared to meet, and has a bro-ment with Carson. "That was awesome," Carson tells Jeff. Then they do that guy hug thing where they slap hands and bring the other arm around and mumble into each other's shoulders.

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