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Season 4 – The Blind Auditions, Part 6

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Picked Last

Each coach only has one spot remaining, and Adam is the only one who knows how to use this power to his advantage. Man, Adam's team is so good. The other teams don't stand a chance, unless America still loves country music. Oh wait ...

So, it's the last audition episode, but the coaches are all wearing the same clothes still. Basically, time is nebulous in the world of The Voice, and where these auditions fall in the group is anyone's guess. Somewhere else in time, Carson is visiting the first contestant in Venice, CA at a bar called Witz End that paid a lot of money to be featured. Mark Lennon is waiting for Carson. He's 49 and looking to ditch his old guy band, Venice. Carson is a huge fan of Venice. Mark is not anymore.

Mark thinks The Voice is the perfect venue for him and his pink shirt. That shirt is so loud you can hear it from behind a giant mechanical chair, hyuck hyuck. Mark is awesome, delivering a solid rendition of "Come Together," but he's at the end of the show and there's only one spot left on each team. Mark was not even good enough for Shakira. Adam says Mark needed to be a little dirtier. Mark walks off the stage and back to Venice.

Shakira says she's waiting for something specific, or for someone to blow her mind. I'm already excited for this sneak peak of the Battle Rounds. It looks like Usher is actually a total hardass. Gone are the days of casually sitting in a preposterous chair.

The next hopeful to the stage is Jacqui Sandell. She's a classically trained ballerina, and will probably not get that button push. Carson asks Jacqui if music was always alongside there next to dance, and I wish Carson would think about his questions before he asked them.

Jacqui is in a band, and would call her autobiography (coming to a clearance section near you), "From Tutus to Tattoos." Jacqui does get a button push, though. Blake and Usher both turn their chairs for Jacqui's rendition of "Dreams." I love this song, and I like Jacqui's take on it. It makes me want to hide away and never do karaoke again, so that's a good sign.

Usher tells Jacqui there are some things he would like to improve, but he wants to see more and is happy he turned around. Not a great sales pitch. Blake says he can see that Jacqui is tough from her tattoos, and he thinks she is sexy and cool. Jacqui milks her moment of decision for a moment before choosing Blake. At least Blake is out of the running now. Not that he will shut his yap now.

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