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Season 4 – The Blind Auditions, Part 4

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How long will it take for Adam to fall in love with Shakira? I give it two more episodes. And in case you were wondering how long it would be until Blake brandished his American Music Award, he brought it with him for this day of taping.

The first singer to hit the stage is Audrey Karrasch. Audrey and her mom are pretty hot. Audrey has been a model since she was 17 but grew depressed in the "superficial world" of modeling. She's doing better in the North Carolina music scene, where she is finally being acknowledged for her beauty.

"You've probably had some success based on your attractiveness, that does not come into play here," Carson warns Audrey. Carson is the master of sensitivity and looking really smart. SYKE! Blake pushes his button for whatever reason toward the beginning of Audrey's performance of "Price Tag." Usher turns his chair shortly after the first chorus. Audrey is obviously singing this song to take a stand against the material world, and modeling, and the thousands upon thousands of dollars she made standing in front of a camera.

Adam starts to say he knows what Blake is going to say (something about her looks, no doubt) when Audrey forgets her manners. "You didn't even turn around so why do you care?" she laughs. I guess when you're pretty you don't need to be respectful. Blake really likes Audrey, Usher compliments her a little and calls Audrey his girl. Audrey asks Usher what made him turn around for her, then interrupts him saying, "OK Usher let's do it." Poor Usher, I think this one's going to be a handful.

Usher dances tiredly in front of Blake, Adam gloats over Blake's loss. No Starbucks cups in sight.

Brandon Roush is a confusing looking contestant. It's to his advantage that this competition is all about the voice, at least in this stage. He has the long hair of '80s and '90s Michael Bolton, and the face of a 19-year old. When he's not playing with his band, he is teaching music to children with autism. He likes doing that because they see him as a rock star. Now Brandon wants more attention.

Brandon believes he has a spot in this season, and he's going to get it by sitting down for no one at the start of his song. He sings "With a Little Help From My Friends," and he has a very strong voice. Blake asks the audience "what does he look like?" as though that matters. Eventually, Shakira turns around for Brandon, to nab another uncontested team member. Blake and Adam marvel at what Brandon looks like, and the Starbucks cups are back in play.

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