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Season 4: The Battles Premiere

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Clash of the Ti-tones

Let's get ready to rumble. The Battle Rounds are officially starting and not one singer will admit to being ready to go home. It seems they all want to stay, and came here to win. Weird, right? Musicians -- I just don't get 'em.

Do you even remember most of these people? To add to the confusion, the coaches have changed outfits and Shakira is dressed as Rachel Zoe. Expert advisors Hillary Scott, Sheryl Crow, Joel Madden, and Pharrell Williams are here to muddy things up even more. Coaching, battling, stealing, it all happens now.

Adam has partnered up with Hillary Scott, lead singer of Lady Antebellum. Her name is not Lady Antebellum, just in case you thought maybe it was when you saw those Crystal Light commercials they did a while back. This is an odd pairing, but it doesn't matter much for Adam's team, which probably has the winner on it.

The first match-up is Amber Carrington versus Sasha Allen. Amber got the last spot on Adam's team, much to Blake's chagrin, and lost her mother to cancer. Sasha got four button pushes and has a kid, I think. Lady Antebellum is going to help them out a lot with "Try" by Pink. Sasha sings it stronger, perhaps over-singing it, and Amber is a bit softer and more country.

In the couch-mentoring sessions, Adam and Lady tell Amber not to worry about Sasha's big voice. Amber talks about her mom dying, again, just to remind everyone about her story (and to vote when the time comes). It seems like Amber is the underdog here, but also that Adam doesn't think much of either of them. Lest we forget: there is only one Adam Levine and no one is as good at singing/wearing ratty shirts/dating models/life.

Amber's hair is super cute for the battle, all swooped up like she just walked out of Blade Runner. Amber and Sasha are not really connecting with each other, but seem to be acting out the song with all the gestures and facial expressions called for. Sasha took it to church a bit too much for me, but that's just because the song isn't a good fit for her. I'm not attached to either of them, but I'd give it to Amber.

Blake says Sasha is still good, and Amber is a big surprise. After the critiques ("they are both great!"), Adam reminds Amber that he was the only coach to turn around for her. There's something a little sociopathic about Adam, and I like it. Adam declares Amber the winner, and admits in a confessional that he was planning to pick Sasha as the clear winner when he pitted these two against one another.

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