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Season 4: The Battles Premiere, Part 2

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U Got Him Mad

Usher pairs a girl named Audrey, another former model, against a girl named Jamila. Jameela? It doesn't matter, Usher selects Audrey as the winner. Team Shakira also gets a montage round, with the battle between Tanya Reynolds and Mark Andrew. I don't entirely remember either of them, but Tanya is more memorable and will have another chance to make an impression in the next round.

Team Blake hosts the final full-length battle between Caroline Glaser and Danielle Bradbery. They are 18 and 16 years old, respectively. They are both very nervous. Sheryl Crow's presence makes them even more nervous. Blake chose "Put Your Records On" by Corinne Bailey Rae for these two. They are likely nervous about it.

Danielle's pitch is perfect, Caroline pronounces the word "birds" like "boids." It's a style affect that you will either love or hate.

"You kind of sing with an accent," Blake tells Caroline, then encourages her to be more mindful of her particular style. Sometimes her accent gets in the way of the notes. In the final rehearsal, Blake tells Caroline that she learned how to forego her "style" in order to hit the actual notes the song calls for. This is a good thing. Danielle struggles a bit more in the last rehearsals, and doesn't have the cute hipster glasses Caroline does. Are you in love with Caroline yet? It's hard not to be. She looks like Rachel Bilson and sounds like a nymph.

Blake tells them to be more confident, "it's just fun." He's right about that, it is not a livelihood for either of these girls. They are fresh-faced and adorable, though, and unlikely to be stubborn or difficult for the coaches.

This is a tough battle. Caroline's voice has all those affects, but she is an eager student. She also sounds a bit haunting and interesting. Danielle is spot on with her pitch, and her voice is as clear as a bell. She's only sixteen? Damn. Caroline seems much more timid in her approach. It's all a matter of taste at this point.

Usher notices that the harmonies were a bit shaky part of the way through. Shakira is impressed with both singers, as usual. Adam really, really likes Caroline and wants her for his team. He calls her ethereal and magical, while Danielle's performance was perhaps more "perfect." Blake says he paired two artists together who have no business being together. Does that mean anything? He declares Danielle the winner of the battle, as he quietly builds his country music army.

"Whoa! We gots two steals!" Carson blurts out excitedly when Usher and Adam madly push their buttons for Caroline. I didn't see this coming from Usher. Which way does Caroline want to be shaped, molded and pushed? By a mentor or by a sociopath? It turns into an argument of who hit their button first. Adam butters her up and appeals to her in ways that only a sexy man can. If Adam Levine told me, "I've gotta have you," I would say yes, even if it meant ending up as a raggedy skin T-shirt later.

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