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Season 4 – The Battles, Part 4

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Favorites Battle, Favorites Win

In the final Battle episode, there's only six spots left on teams, and one steal left, belonging to Team Usher. Shakira paired the first battle of the night, Brandon Roush versus Shawna P., likely due to their long hair and similar features. Well, maybe not, but I'm still not totally understanding her pairings. She must have seen them walking next to each other and said, "yeah."

Brandon and Shawna are roughly the same height, but not the same age. They got equal air time, but I prefer Shawna's voice and attitude. Shakira chose "Piece of My Heart" by Janis Joplin for this battle, and the song naturally favors Shawna. Brandon knows this, and Shakira adding lots of metal screams into the song isn't helping.

Shakira says the person who wins this battle will be the one who connects to the sentiment of the song, so it will probably be Shawna again since she has lived more. Joel Madden says Shawna has found her place in the song and Brandon has yet to find his way. In the final rehearsal, it seems about the same. This round is all about Shawna. Shawna needs this final chance, and Brandon wants to show those kids with autism that they should believe in their dreams (and also, that he is cool).

Carson calls it the battle of "youth versus experience," which I'm sure made Shawna feel awesome. Maybe how stupid Brandon looks in that red bowler hat makes her feel better, though. The song sounds much better on Shawna, Brandon still sounds like he's doing an imitation of other singers he has heard. Parts of the Brandon's chorus sound like he's trying to be Creed? It's not as genuine as Shawna, who is wearing a heavy velvet caftan, and it almost works.

Usher compliments the two on giving him two completely different experiences of the song. Adam comments on Brandon's hair, and how he looks like Sean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. This is after he used a contestant's hair as an opportunity to make fun of Blake, and not to give any constructive feedback. Shakira picks Shawna, of course. Brandon tells Shakira he hopes they can stay in touch, and Adam, to add insult to injury, says, "we all do." What a dick.

The next battle comes from Team Adam: it's Duncan Kamakana versus Sarah Simmons. Duncan is a Hawaiian guy who got montaged over in the blind auditions. He's from Hawaii and he's good looking. Sarah had a four-chair turning audition and will probably win this one. Adam chose "Wanted You More" by Lady Antebellum, and they have to sing it in front of Hillary Scott, Lady Antebellum herself.

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