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Season 4 – The Battles, Part 3

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Be Steal My Heart

Here we are, ready for a big shocker again. The third Battle episode starts out with a battle from Team Usher: Jessica Childress versus Vedo, singing "Locked Out of Heaven" by Bruno Mars. Jessica was nervous about it at first, and Vedo killed it in the first rehearsal. But in the final rehearsal, Jessica turns it out. Usher is not mad at either of them.

Jessica quit her job to be on this show, and Vedo lost his mom, so one of them had better get stolen, you know? The battle rounds are quickly proving that Usher is the best and most effective coach. He picks great songs, and good pairings. As the duet continues to be more and more amazing, I'm hoping that Usher's big surprise is stealing his own competitor back, or turning them into a duo. Whatever it is, I hope he keeps making his own rules, as he has in life (I assume...).

Shakira, naturally, thinks they are both great. The surprise will not be coming from Shakira. Adam wants to be friends with Jessica. Blake says he feels bad for Usher because he must choose and there is no right choice. Don't feel bad for Usher because he has an amazing team, Blake. Usher says that music touches everyone as the universal language, then declares Vedo the winner. Maybe the decision came from how Vedo represented in rehearsal.

Jessica tells Usher that she is excited and so glad Usher invested in her. No one even considers stealing her, probably because Shakira is all out of steals. Jessica leaves with a smile on her face. Vedo wishes his mom was there, but knows she's there in spirit. But at least now he and Usher are friends.

Shakira and Joel Madden greet Luke Edgemon and Monique Abbadie for the next battle. Luke is a cute hipster, and Monique is that Latina who came from Sabado Gigante. Monique tells Joel that he was on her binder in middle school, not to make him feel like an old turd or anything.

Shakira chose "You and I" by Lady Gaga for these two, because they are both "so eclectic," and have "amazing facets to their voices." Yeah, that. Shakira proves to be a real coach in this duel, though, as she notes that Monique sounds "a bit too affected, too Broadway" after delivering one of the verses in a weird, almost Southern accent. What was that about? Joel Madden tells Luke to embrace the breaks in his voice.

"That was nice, the Nebraska guy," Shakira compliments Monique in the final rehearsal. I'm not sure about Shakira's arrangement of this song, or her telling them not to ad lib over the top of each other in the end as the song is ramping up. You know Monique is going to do it anyway.

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