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A Top 8 to Remember

The Voice is acknowledging that they're having a show on Memorial Day by having Carson say something in thanks to our troops. Then, after his introduction, Adam gives a mocking salute. This is all we have to offer, troops. I'm sorry.

Carson says we are one step closer to finding out whose of the Top 8's dream will come true. It will probably be someone from Team Blake or Team Adam, based on the way these results shows keep going down. Usher is down to just Michelle Chamuel, and Shakira only has Sasha Allen left.

Carson says that to fill time, there will also be some "unforgettable group performances" and an opening from Blake Shelton, again, this evening. I'd rather they didn't, but if we must, we must. Carson introduces Blake as "this rarely-sober National treasure," and I like a little cheekiness from our rarely-interesting wax figure.

I don't know what this song is. It's pretty much all talking, and mentions "The Dougie" for relevance. When it's finished, Carson declares it his new favorite song. I think he took it too far with that.

Carson asks Adam how he plans to "keep it going," and Adam provides a long-winded answer about "basically you just keep it going." Carson talks to Shakira in broken Spanish with a terrible accent. Adam points out how flustered Carson is, and Carson joke-orders a beer in Spanish. Respectful. But why not just waste Shakira's time with bad Spanish? She only has Sasha to talk about. Usher dons some fake glasses and declares himself a member of the Michelle Chamuel Army. You know, because Memorial Day?

Judith Hill is in the first performance spot of the night, and tells Adam in rehearsal that she wants to show America a bit more about who she is. Judith wants people to know that she works with kids in schools in Tokyo. She's singing "#ThatPower" by featuring Justin Bieber. How exactly she intends to make this a song that matters or is interesting remains to be seen. The song has an effing hashtag in it.

Is this song called "Hashtag That Power"? I don't really care, I guess. I don't know that this is the risk to take when you're performing first in the show. It's interesting and weird with the blue turtleneck trumpet dancers, but I am not even sure I know the original song, or that it's good enough to bother with reimagining. Judith is still immensely talented, but this is the first time I have felt concern.

Blake uses his critique time to talk about Judith's hair, which features a pop-it-on like Yara Sofia. Usher tells Judith she did a great job. Shakira says it was audacious to take such a risk but this is the right time in the competition to do that. Adam tells Judith that "power" is the thesis, and he's pleased with himself for letting Judith pursue her vision.

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