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So, another week is here and that means another episode of The Voice. Will Adam Levine be chastised for the "I hate this country" "scandal"? Or will Carson be too afraid to address it? The show just doesn't feel the same without Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons. Plus it's not the same with Adam knocked down to the level of Shakira and Usher. He'll never see it that way, but you know what I mean.

More importantly, how will the Top 6 be stretched over two hours? Lots of time spent in the Sprint Skybox, I'll bet. Oh, and they are each performing two songs. God forbid anyone perform a full song on this show. Carson announces that our votes are more crucial now than ever (okay), because only one artist is going home instead of two this week. I fail to see the correlation, but I don't think about it too hard because Carson makes me feel like I matter. I hope the Swon Brothers go home so that the numbers can make sense again.

Holly Tucker is going first yet again this week. The producers must really be out to send her home. Blake chose yet another Martina McBride song for her to sing. This week it's "When God-Fearing Women Get the Blues." Blake is really going to drive this religious thing as far as he can. Oh, but this song also brings out Holly's "sassy side," which worked well enough last week.

The lazy set for this performance involves police tape graphics and another controlled open flame. Holly is so good. I don't know if I've said that before, since it seems like the judges just say it every week as a throwaway. Holly is a great country artist, but something needs to click for her to stand out from the pack. Going first and second all the time certainly isn't helping her.

Usher is first to give feedback and my oh my he looks tasty. I love his indoor sunglasses, he's probably one of the few people who can get away with that, and that white jacket is amazing. This is why Holly won't get a vote from me, because I was too busy thinking about Usher in different outfits to pay attention to what people with valid opinions have to say about a performance.

Usher is probably going to start being a hardass to Blake's team members, since he's up two on the rest of them. So, Usher tells Holly with monitored enthusiasm that she had the proper attitude and the performance was "good," but he wants to see more. Shakira, who also looks awesome, agrees the performance was good. Adam says Holly brought the attitude and yeah. Blake is allowed to offer more encouragement, and says this is the best we've seen Holly yet.

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