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The Heat is On, the Air is Off

We narrowed it down to the Top 12, with the coaches' help as usual. But that was not enough. It's never enough for these bloodthirsty entertainment types, right? We have to do it all again this week and I can not tell you how taxing these voting decisions are on me. I don't really like what any of the coaches are wearing for this live show. Blake looks normal, but Adam is dressed like an old-timey dad again, Shakira is fully bedazzled, and Usher is wearing a heavy necklace on top of a shirt that is buttoned all the way up.

Carson announces that the coach saves are over now. Finally, the viewer vote is the only thing that matters. And the bottom two will go home regardless of what team they are on.

Then Carson "gives it up" for the audience, who has been sitting in this giant warehouse made to look like a boxing ring for singers, suffering without air conditioning in the Los Angeles heat wave. I'm sure Adam will find a way to make it about him. We should really keep an eye on Carson, though, who is wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a coat, and whose mainframe is most likely to overheat and fry.

Adam is not feeling worried, about Carson or about the vote. Shakira feels confident with the "variety" on her team, and says "may the force be with you," to her team like she just saw Star Wars two days ago or something. Carson tells Usher that if it gets to a certain temperature in this hell room, the lights could go out. Usher supposes that could be a cool party. Everyone seems hot and cranky.

Vedo sings first as the indoor temperature climbs and creeps its way up to the Sprint Skybox. This week, Vedo tells Usher about how he came out of a bad situation as a kid. Now Vedo is singing "Rock With You" by Michael Jackson, and plans to show off some dance moves. Usher and his choreographer are encouraging this. They help teach Vedo how to seduce the microphone at an appropriate intensity.

Poor Vedo is wearing a leather jacket, zipped up. Vedo sounds pretty good, but seems to be retiring from his higher notes. I don't blame him, it's too hot for this bullshit. And to dance on top of it? Vedo deserves a medal. At the end, they give him a paper towel to dab himself with. Blake thinks the performance was awesome, but maybe too much dancing.

Usher is proud of Vedo for pacing himself enough to make it through the whole performance. Vedo can't wait to get off stage and out of that jacket. Carson can't stop talking about how hot it is. Someone just turn the god damn AC on already.

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