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The Voice is back for another round with the Top Ten. Carson says they will all perform tonight. What a deal. It seems they still haven't quite figured out the live show thing, though, because Adam is on stage getting ready to showboat again and the camera shows him, which clearly neither Adam nor Carson was planning. Carson's light gray suit is nice, though.

Kicking off the show, and to remind everyone that Adam is God, Maroon 5 performs all dressed in white. They're all spread out, and Adam is on a podium, practically an island to itself, ahead of the rest of the band. Do we know any of the names of those guys in Maroon 5? Do we even really know what they look like? No. Would I like to see this stage and these clothes get more and more covered in fake blood as the song progresses? Yes.

Instead of blood, the stage is "splashed" with blue light effects. This performance is more about Shakira halfway paying attention to it than it is the other guys in Maroon 5. This is The Voice, though, not The Instrument, and certainly not The Backup Singer-Slash-Bass-Player. It appears the paint effect is a nod to their new music video. Carson thinks the whole thing is great.

Before things really start, as everyone is returning from the kitchen with popcorn or a sandwich, Carson asks the coaches some meaningless questions. That has become the summation of Carson's life; one meaningless question after the next, fading into the darkness and away from a soul.

Adam says he reminds his team to stay away from the politics of the show and just to worry about the music. Shakira says she got to work with Cee Lo this week, who they obviously brought in because she needed serious help. Usher says it's real war now, and he was probably wearing white way before Adam and his damn band. Blake Shelton takes a moment to talk about Oklahoma City, impacted by the tornadoes. Carson seems fixated on talking about Blake Shelton's family, rather than any non-famous families going through hell right now.

The first amateur performance of the night comes from Holly Tucker. Didn't she kick things off last week or two weeks ago? It's time to start keeping track of these things to see how heavily it influences the voting. It appears the producers are thinking the same way, as they placed Judith Hill second.

Holly gets a visit from Blake's guest mentor, Sheryl Crow, to help her with her song that has gospel roots. Holly says not everyone believes what she does, but it's a side of her that she wants to share. Blake practically tells her not to apologize for being Christian because you know, enough of this country is that they won't mind.

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