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I'm not sure why we got rid of just one last week and this week we're getting rid of two (three if one of the acts is the Swon Brothers. Math is confusing), but I'm pleased to see that the show is moving right along. I was talking to someone about The Voice the other day and they asked, "that show is still on?" Yes, it is. It feels like we've been here for so long. But it's got nothing on American Idol, which runs for a solid five months or so. That's a lot of hours, and a lot of text voting.

Anyway, five (of technically six) become three this week, and then there's just one final week of Levine-stroking and strange group performances until a winner is finally crowned. Carson says the Top 5 artists gave the performances of their lives last night. That is not entirely true, because some of them have had better weeks, but I guess it's something to say before you give the audience the bad news that Fall Out Boy is performing.

After a recap of the Top 5 performances, Carson rattles off some drivel about iTunes purchases as "votes" in some very specific circumstances, and announces Fall Out Boy, joined a little bit by Michelle Chamuel. They're signing "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark," so yeah, they don't have anything new to validate them being here. Michelle sings the "I'm on fire" lyric, admirably well. She's providing more enthusiasm than most of us have for Fall Out Boy these days.

"That's how we do it," Carson declares in response to this performance. Is it, Carson? After a commercial break, Carson tiredly reminds us this is a big night. He asks Adam, more or less, "what type of artist is Amber exactly?" It's a little late in the game to be deciding, but it seems like that's the way it's going. Carson asks Shakira what Sasha's biggest strength is and Shakira says her voice, her work ethic, and her determination. Usher says that Michelle is a winner and she can overcome any obstacle. Blake says his artists are at the top of the iTunes country charts because they have superstar potential.

To my delight, Nicholas David is back on the show with his new single, "Say Goodbye." Nicholas David was my hands-down favorite last season, and I'm pleased to see him doing as well as could be expected for a contestant who made it to the finals on a reality TV singing competition. He's doing his thing, just feeling the shit out of everything he's singing and wearing pants that don't really fit with white loafers and gliding over every note like Aaron Neville.

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