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Semi-finals? How many semi-finals does this show have? Hopefully just one. Oh no, the Top 5 are going home for extended clip packages this week. I hate this kind of stuff. At least they are all singing twice; one song a "dedication" for emotional pull, and the other their coach's choice.

Usher, who could not be more adorable ever, puts his little indoor sunglasses on and sings "Twisted" to open the show. Now that Holly isn't here anymore, someone has to go first. I never saw it, but something tells me this performance would fit well into that movie Idlewild. Usher is dripping sweat by the end of this, because he really performs, and I wonder if he has time to shower before coaching duties are expected of him.

The Swon Brothers are up first, dedicating "Turn the Page" by Bob Seger to all their Oklahoma band members. The introduction is mercifully short. This song is a whole lot of no-fun, especially for a performance from this duo. It's more rock than country and I'm not particularly excited about it.

Carson turns to Usher, who is in a fresh white suit, for the first coach opinion. Usher says it's a great kickoff to a night of many incredible performances. Adam coins a "Swan Salute," as long as he can take credit for something.

Up in the Skybox, Garth Brooks has a video message for Danielle Bradbery, who is singing one of his songs. Good find, Christina! Adam also "prepared" a surprise for Amber -- it's Katy Perry! Katy Perry may have been contractually obligated to give Adam a couple mentions in her message, but she certainly isn't above singing her own praises either. She tells Amber that she's brave for choosing "Firework," one of her favorite songs, because it is not easy to sing.

"Good job, Adam," Christina shouts over the balcony to Adam, rather than mentioning Katy Perry or Amber Carrington. Caught in a cloud of pre-Whitney Houston cover smoke, Carson Daly introduces Sasha Allen of Team Shakira.

Sasha is dedicating "I Will Always Love You" to her children. If you didn't see this coming, you may not watch a lot of reality TV singing competitions. Sasha promises in her dedication to always love her children. The white instruments are back and scattered across the stage as smoke cascades around Sasha Allen in a long flowy white gown. She's taking a very subdued approach to the song, or maybe just the intro. The smoke might be getting in her throat. We all hold our breath for the big key change moment. The wind machine turns on, Sasha nails the transition. It's time to relax.

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