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It's (almost) over! Season Four has been narrowed down to three acts, which totals four people. It's Team Blake versus Team Usher. Adam and Shakira are just as useless as ever now. Before anything else, Carson introduces a recap package of the season for Danielle Bradbery, Michelle Chamuel, and the Swon Brothers. It's interesting to see what they looked like before anyone was styling them or putting makeup on them. Before Hollywood changed them, you know?

They all got lots of button pushes, we remember, and everyone except Michelle picked Blake. Blake, as a country singer or something else, has a good chance yet again. Shakira promises that tonight, there will be blood. I hope she isn't serious, but without a contestant now, who knows? Carson promises something a bit more sure: performances from the Top 3 and duets with their coaches.

First thing's first. Since Holly Tucker is no longer here to warm up the audience, all four coaches are performing together again. This time it's "With a Little Help From My Friends." This is probably to make us believe that they really became friends over this process. They all try to bend their individual styles to fit this song, which doesn't fit anyone. The only thing that is clear is that none of them give a damn about this performance. Adam cares about being seen playing the guitar, and almost forgets to sing. He slurs through all his lyrics and even pyrotechnics and Shakira's thigh-high Pretty Woman boots can't save this moment.

Carson asks the audience to applaud, again, for the opening number and all four coaches. Adam hasn't shaved, because he does not care about anything anymore. He looks like he has ordered a Venti Blake Shelton. Shakira says she will miss her giant chair, and she's the contestants' personal cheerleader imported from Colombia. Usher says he hopes Michelle can take the time to simply be tonight. Usher is getting metaphysical. Blake reaffirms how hard-working his acts are and how far they've come.

The Swon Brothers kick things off, and a clip package reflecting on their time on the show reminds us that they are two good ol' boys from Oklahoma. Not that they've let us forget. The Swon Brothers have chosen "I Can't Tell You Why" by The Eagles for their first finale performance. It gives them an opportunity to show off their falsetto harmonies. But will it be country enough?

The Swons are positioned in front of light pillars, perhaps the least complicated set we've seen designed for them in weeks. This song features Cameron. Cameron? The piano-playing Swon, much more than the other one. What are their names? Why have I not bothered to learn them? I think this would be great in a club or a bar, but is all wrong for The Voice. We need more glitter or we get bored.

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