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It's Not Easy, Being Eliminated

"It is indeed Tuesday night," Carson informs us, then introduces us to the coaches again. Does he even know that we've all been here long enough to do away with small talk? Does he even care? Blake cares. Blake reads the blogs, I think, because he made a comment about Adam's T-shirts with holes in them last week and keeps doing that pointing thing. Adam looks really hot tonight; I won't mince words. He has done away with the fallout shelter look, and gotten back into my updated Grease 2 fantasies. Most importantly, according to Carson, the Muppets are here. Cee Lo called in a personal favor, tired of dueting with the real life Miss Piggy on "Make the World Move."

Congratulations, America, we had nothing better to do than shatter voting records again this week. Who will go home? I think it will come down to Dez, Terry, and maybe Cody or Amanda. I thought Cody was so great, though. All eight artists charted on iTunes, Terry and Melanie charted on their respective charts, and three artists hit the top 10 on iTunes. Yuck, I'm tired of the word "chart."

Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte are reunited and it feels so good. Unfortunately, they are not singing Mariah again. This time it's "Marry the Night" by Lady Gaga, and we can't even blame Starbucks or ourselves for this one. For once, I agree with Blake's murmurings; Amanda can sing anything. They sound good on this song. All we want is for them to sing together always. I could do without the backup dancers, though.

Before we get any results, Carson talks to each of the judges. Adam says any of these performers can win, so he basically doesn't care anymore. Cee Lo says he can take as many big risks as he wants. Christina has basically resigned. She says it's not about winning and will love Dez no matter what happens tonight (after he gets eliminated). Blake makes a boner joke. They take no responsibility at all, and not a single rat's ass is given.

Then, Carson asks Nicholas and his samurai bun what winning would mean to him with a third baby on the way. Nicholas echoes Cee Lo that the risk would be worth the reward, or something. But Cassadee Pope is the first artist safe, of course. She'll probably win this stupid thing.

So, we can buy Starbucks drinks to fight AIDS for Christmas, but more importantly, Cee Lo brought lots of Voice contestants into a Las Vegas Starbucks to tell them they could be on his Christmas special. They are even more excited to learn that they'll be performing with the Muppets. Whatever the price.

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