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The Voice starts out its Performance Finale with a tribute to those who died in the recent tragedy in Connecticut. I would never dream of criticizing or being snarky about a tribute, but Saturday Night Live did it so much better, and while I understand that any show airing live feels obligated and should acknowledge such devastation, I also feel that there are worthwhile ways to do it. The Voice does its tribute in a way that is almost tacky. These four renowned singers, their available team members, and Christina Milian and Carson Daly hold signs displaying each of the victims' names and ages. They sang "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen, and Christina wore a Party City blonde wig. Also, Carson looks like he just got roped into this at the last minute, then tried out some acting to give the moment additional gravitas. I do not think it was handled well. Or, I guess what I'm saying is that I am not quite sure what to make of this moment, and neither is The Voice.

A good way to muck anything up, I think, is to give Carson Daly too much airtime, a mistake someone made somewhere between the knockout rounds and now, and cannot go back on. Anyway, now that the last-minute, wig-studded tribute is out of the way (Cee Lo sang beautifully, by the way), The Voice can get down to its usual tacky shenanigans. Time to give us what we didn't pay for.

First up, it's an exhaustive look back at the journeys of all three remaining contestants. The moral of the story? Slow and steady wins the race, or, "her?" Remember all the action The Voice has crammed into the last nine weeks of your life? It will all be forgotten once we see what Christina is wearing. An effing top hat, that god-awful "Blonde Bombshell," fireproof wig, and a sparkly tuxedo jacket. Everyone give up and go home, it doesn't get any better than this. I will say, though, that I appreciate she opted not to wear this outfit for the Sandy Hook Elementary tribute.

Up first, repping Team Cee Lo, is Nicholas David. A look back at Nicholas's journey will remind us that he used to be a fat alcoholic. Now he has two adorable kids, and another on the way. I really liked Nicholas's audition, and I feel like we've watered him down since. I'd like to see him win, but I also have a feeling he won't. To open up the performances we're voting on, Nicholas is singing "Great Balls of Fire," mashed up with "Fire." Sounds like a fun one.

This is a fun performance, particularly with the piano on fire, but I feel like it's completely out of character. I just want more Hall & Oates, and less dancing girls on the side of the stage. Wow, there is really a lot of flame on this stage. Part of me hates it, and the other part of me is like, "more, more, more!"

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