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Season 5 is down to the Top 6, and I would use the word "already," but when I was going to type it my fingers got caught in my long beard that I started growing when this season started. Carson and Adam are freshly shaved, now that it’s December, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t really notice their beards coming in all that well. Cee Lo, not unlike myself, is wrapped in a blanket because he doesn’t care anymore. Christina’s cleavage is out, and she looks great. Blake looks the same.

Now that we’re down to six, each artist is performing twice. One song will be the song the artists chose for themselves as a special dedication and the other has been selected by their coach. Cole Vosbury is first, with the song Blake chose for him. Oh Cole, the things you do to me with that well-groomed yeti thing you got going. This week, Cole is going to “have some fun” with a new left-handed guitar and "Rich Girl" by Hall and Oates. This is only the best combination since peanut butter and chocolate.

For this performance, Cole must be both Hall and Oates. He’s suited up in a cool smoking jacket and trademark hat, now that Jonny is out of the picture. I like Cole taking a more upbeat song, but this song has been covered so many times and this rendition isn’t particularly fun or striking. The arrangement almost overpowers him. It’s still great and I love him, though.

Blake gives Cole a standing ovation and says it’s clear that Cole has been working for a long time. He’s right when he says that he could record the live version and put it up on iTunes and it would sell. Hall and Oates always sells, baby. Cee Lo says he’s a fan of Hall and Oates and also of Cole. Adam Levine agrees. We all like Hall and Oates, and Cole did the song justice.

Tessanne Chin performs second, with another reggae song. Adam has selected "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley for her, and Tessanne gives Adam a Jamaican history lesson. Tessanne is prepared to feel the shit out of this song.

Watching Tessanne perform so perfectly, I start to wonder if she has peaked. She has been so consistent, that I can’t name a best or worst performance from her. I think she’s been improving slowly and steadily, but started out so good that it’s almost not exciting for us. All that being said, the performance is moving and effortless.

Adam says he loves that song and Tessanne, and she carried the flag in such an unbelievable way that he got lost in the song. He says confidently that everyone in Jamaica is proud of her tonight. Christina is happy to hear more and more of Tessanne’s Jamaican accent. The feedback is more important than we give it credit for, and Tessanne’s feedback was useless to us as a voting audience.

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