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Every Tuesday I wake up and think, "Oh boy, I can't wait to learn a little more about the coaches and contestants in the Voice Confessional!" Confession: that is a lie. This time for the coach introductions, Adam is a day late and a dollar short, pretending to write on a tablet (?), Cee Lo is still pretending to be on his phone, Christina is very into the outfit she's wearing tonight and Blake is just marveling at his companions. Wow, I tell you what -- they are real funny these three. Carson threatens us with "a lot of great music," meaning some group performances and performances from returning contestants Cassadee Pope, Danielle Bradbery, The Swon Brothers, and Michelle Chamuel.

The recap clip package gives each of the Top 5 artists a little extra consideration and it's nice to see something that's not all about the coaches for once. Christina jokingly (well, maybe jokingly) told Jacquie she's starting to get jealous of her. Hahahaha I will destroy you.

The Swon Brothers are up first with a song of their very own. Don't you think they would have written themselves a song a little more in their range? I take that back, it's just the beginning that sounds a little shaky, the chorus is actually quite catchy. I still don't know their names, but that is all in the past. They have always had the confidence and presence of stars. I found it a bit weird when the thinner of the Swons took his guitar off, awkwardly signed it and then gave it to someone in the audience. The audience member took it, because that's what you do when someone shoves a guitar at you, but immediately tried to give it to someone else; someone who cared.

Carson gets up on stage to tell the Swon Brothers that it's a bittersweet night. They don't care, I'm guessing. Carson says of course two contestants must go home, but it's great to see so many alumni and the Swons have been signed by Sony so ah… what to do with all these feelings?

Next, Carson talks to the coaches about feelings. Adam is proud to have three contestants in the game still, guaranteed at least one in the finals. Carson says, "Cee Lo, nerve-wracking night for you," and at first I think it's a joke, but his clarification proves that he means it. Cee Lo offers his typical ancient wisdom and Adam suggests making a little book of his quotes. Blah, no. Carson congratulates Christina on her hit with Great Big World. Lotus? Not such a hit, girl. Christina is rocking a dark lip and looks like Victor/Victoria tonight. That's all that matters. Blake disregards Carson's question and says the only reason Adam has three people left is because he let him. Blake has nothing but confidence in Cole. Then it's more about Adam and Blake than I'd care to allow.

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