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Live results show! Carson! Judges! The response from last night was apparently "record-breaking," which means it occurred in linear time, and we look back on the Top Six, which I recapped already, in case you didn't know. So: Blah blah blah, iTunes stats from last night, blah blah blah, download songs from iTunes. And now: Ne-Yo performs "Let Me Love You," although he really ends up singing a duet with Amanda, which given the full-blown production values of the number suggest she's not going anywhere, unless she is? Dance dance dance, sing sing sing, ad ad ad.

When we return, Adam tells Carson he feels good about the song choices for his team, both his and theirs, and it's important to see who they are. He admits it wasn't perfect (Melanie) but overall he can't be upset about anything. Cee Lo gets props for having had a perfect record in pressing his button for everyone in the Top 10; Carson goes on to add that he also pressed his button for everyone in the Top 8 and Top 6. It seems redundant, but you do wonder, given the voting, what kind of grasp these people have of math. Carson asks who stood out for Cee Lo, and Cee Lo gives a non-answer about how they're all stars and he sees the future and obviously I have no idea what he's talking about, but through the haze of cold medicine and pot, he does say that Trevin blew him away.

Christina says it's nice not to be nervous over how her team is doing, and she's looking forward to tonight; Trevin was a standout for her; she also liked Cassadee and Nicholas. Out of those, there was one good (okay, great) performance out of six, but I suppose she doesn't have that much to choose from. Blake blathers about his process of listening, hilariously, and says how nervous he is, and I'd imagine after his Christmas special last night, he's feeling like he needs a win. Also, he'll do anything to make his two the last ones standing, and I don't want to know specifics about that, you can take me at my word.

Trevin and Terry team up to sing "Feel Again" by OneRepublic as seizure-provoking graphics are displayed on the thousands of monitors behind them. Their voices are fine, but they play off each other minimally and both kind of get overwhelmed by the backup in spots, so it's less of a duet and more of two people fighting the current on their own, regardless of the fact that near the end, they put their arms around each other. I mean, it's hard to perform in front of a firing squad, which is why they should make this half an hour...

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