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Carson welcomes us to the quarterfinals and because there are still so many goddamned contestants on this show, we're doing yet another two weeks where we only see half of the performers at a time. No word yet on how many people get axed this week, but I'm praying at least another two people per judge. All of the judges are dressed very tamely. Cee Lo's just wearing a t-shirt. Has this show already been on so long that we've run through all the craziness in his wardrobe?

Oh, supposedly tonight's "twist" is that at the end of the night, Blake and Christina each have to pick a person to instantly eliminate tonight. That's not really instant, but I'm not going to quibble. Anything that gets this show on the road is fine by me, especially since they clearly make the format up as they go along. I appreciate the lack of rules and structure, since I clearly have no clue what's coming. But Christina and Blake are both very upset as it means they have to do some work and cut someone from their team. They seem to indicate that this news was just dumped on them either now or right before the show, but I find that really hard to believe. Blake in particular wasn't aware that it was going to happen, and he'd like to kick the person responsible for it. Cee Lo also says this is news to him, but he also could have slept through the meeting where they told him this was happening. Adam the control freak likes that he has a say instead of letting America make all the decisions. He also thinks people will step up if they are fearful they'll go home. Adam raises a good point, as that's what happened during the last chance performances when he had to deliver his little lecture.

First up, RaeLynn. I know she's the only country performer left in this competition, but I really can't stand her, and it's got nothing to do with the style of music, but with the fact that she mumbles. She and Blake meet in a room filled with guitars, and he asks her if she has a boyfriend, and she claims she's a heartbreaker. And then he gets all dad on her and tells her that she doesn't ever need to date.

She's doing Jason Aldean's tune "She's Country." I almost understand about half of the words, so someone must have spoken to her about diction. Luckily for her, it is very repetitive. I don't like the sexy school girl act she's working, especially when she flirts with the guitar player who is twice her age. I'm sure someone will like her energy, and while it is an improvement, I'm still not sold on her. I can't see Blake ever cutting her though, so that's going to be America's problem.

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