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Bad Boys

Carson Daly has on a really stupid tie tonight. It is black, but looks like the bottom third has been dipped in coffee. From a distance, it looks like he's showing off his stomach like a fat guy with a roll that hangs over the top of his pants. Cee Lo's cool clothes must be back at the cleaners again, because he's just supporting a simple black shirt. Christina is busy doodling her name on a napkin or something, because she is oblivious when Carson introduces her. She looks like a sullen girl who doesn't want to be there. Which may not be that far from the truth. She also really needs to wear a bra. She's proof positive that even fake boobs could use a little help to stay lifted.

Carson reminds us of all the shocking twists that happened last week and the very difficult decisions that Christina and Blake had to make, so it is Adam and Cee Lo's turns to do some trimming. They both think they have good teams and they are pushing people, so they audience will be surprised. Adam thinks that it might even "blow people's minds." Cee Lo thinks his team will rise to the challenge.

Carson reminds us of the one thousand and one ways you can vote on this show before putting Adam on the spot about the instant elimination. Adam is too busy goofing around with someone in the audience to pay much attention, but spouts off something about liking to be in control before he dissolves in a fit of giggles. Carson asks Cee Lo for advice for the contestants, and he is also having trouble keeping his composure. His giant smile and chuckling, and slipped in profanity (good catch, censors) is the most animated we've seen him all season. Blake is out of the loop, but while Carson tries to figure out what is happening, there's screaming from Cee Lo and Christina's direction. Something about fans and it being hot in there? Blake is ignoring them in favor of defending his decision to eliminate RaeLynn. Dude, you don't have to justify that choice to me... at all. I'd like to hug you for it, in fact. Christina starts to tell Adam and Cee Lo to go with their gut, but she can't keep from laughing. Then there's a comment from Adam about a fart... So I'm guessing Cee Lo or Christina let one rip and that's what all this commotion is about.

Jamar Rogers (Team Cee Lo) is up doing Bon Jovi's "It's My Life." He can relate because he's a recovering addict and because of his HIV positive status. But then he tells Cee Lo about a song that he wrote that helped him get through a dark time. Why isn't he doing that Cee Lo song then? Especially since he's a Cee Lo super-fan? Jamar is happy to have reached 30 and still be alive. There's a lot of tears in the rehearsal room.

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