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It's the last episode of the season, and a winner will be crowned, so how do our judges chose to dress for this classy affair? Well, Adam and Blake opt for black on black suits, Christina stole a costume from the set of Chicago and Cee Lo is wearing a red t-shirt with the name of all of his former team members on it. Way to fancy it up, people. The finalists are brought out. Tony's wearing a shirt, tie and vest. Juliet has a long gown that she's tripping over and maybe a mockingjay pin? If so, I think I may like her more. Chris Mann is dressed in a black on black suit as well, and Jermaine looks like a sexy waiter.

Carson promises some amazing performances from Flo Rida, Hall & Oates, Lady Antebellum and... Bieber. I'm pretty sure amazing is overselling that. We look back at last night. Blake thinks that Jermaine sang with so much emotion that he won. Adam thinks that Tony's song was fiery, and that he thinks he won. Christina thinks that Chris proved a classical singer can win this show. I disagree, but we'll see. Cee Lo loved singing "Born to Be Wild" with Juliet and he was blown away by her "Free Bird" and says she deserves to win. Well, at least three of these judges are wrong.

Carson says that every song from last night dominated the top 200 on iTunes, and that songs charted on the R&B and Rock charts, with no mention of the adult/classical chart. Maybe there's hope that Chris Mann will lose this yet. Blake says it is amazing how different each of the finalists is, and he's proud of that. Christina says that she loves the energy in the room, and it is a great night regardless of the outcome. Cee Lo says he plans on being with Juliet for the rest of her career -- that's actually kind of nice, since he has the power to get a record made. Adam says that he respects all of the final artists and they all did well and he's OK with whoever wins, as they are all deserving.

Jermaine Paul is performing "I Want You Back" with Jamar Rogers, James Massone and Pip. When I said that I'd rather have Pip than Chris Mann, I didn't really mean that I wanted to see Pip again. I certainly didn't want to see James and his grody headbands again. But yet here we are, and Pip's got on a bowtie and Jamar has a hat and James has a headband. Glad to see that most of these idiots haven't changed... ooh, bubbles! It's like an episode of Lawrence Welk up in here, with costumes stolen from the Jersey Boys touring cast. I do like that these guys are mixed up from a variety of teams, instead of just sticking with team alliances. It makes it a little bit more fun... you know, for unnecessary filler.

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