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Blind Auditions Continued, Part 2

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A Hard Day's Night

The score is 9 to 7 to 7 to 9, and since this was all recorded in the same day or so, we have no idea when in the day these auditions are happening, or how tired the coaches are. But Carson tells us the coaches are becoming more selective, and tension is mounting and blah blah blah show us the goods, Daly.

The first artist of hour 5 or wherever we're at is single mother and receptionist Trevanne Howell. She is stunning, and she must be a good singer because her story isn't as compelling as, say, a head trauma. Oh my god, she's singing Whitney. No one sings Whitney, especially not my favorite song from The Bodyguard. Trevanne isn't very good, but she's ambitious. She sounds more nervous than Rachel Marron did, and she had a stalker trying to kill her.

"Come on, Christina, what are you waiting for?" Carson says like a line reading from Troll 2. Maybe she is waiting for the key change? But the key change didn't happen, and even after a pretty clean final note, no buttons were pushed for Trevanne. "What does it take if it doesn't take that," Carson added, focusing more on farting silently than on delivering compelling and believable commentary.

The next contestant, Collin McLoughlin, enrolled at NYU to go to school for business ... Music business? Business Music. Then he said "Forget You" (right, Cee Lo?) to his expensive education to pursue his/everyone's dream of becoming a singer. His mom was refreshingly honest and pissed off at Collin. And you know what? She's right. All he had to do was go to school and party for one more year to get some made up degree, but he couldn't wait even one more year to be unemployed. Look out, down economy, here comes a singer!

Collin's voice is exciting enough to cause two button pushes almost immediately from Blake and Cee Lo, and once he gets to the chorus of "Wild World" Adam turns around. Christina is still feeling button-shy. I also have a theory that she might be so messed up or over-medicated that her arm is just shaking over the button, and she's worried she might throw up if her chair spins. But it's a long shot.

Christina said it was "a little mellow for me and my taste," and passed Collin off to Cee Lo, who got it out of him that he dropped out of school. It wasn't exactly like pulling teeth, because Collin really seems proud of the fact that he's pursuing his dreams in debt. For reasons unbeknownst to me, everyone applauded this. Then Collin said, "looks like I made the right choice!" Yeah, Collin, because you're on The Voice and three people offered to put you on a team of 16 singers. That was the right choice over finishing your education and making money by taking advantage of people like the other contestants on this show. And that made Collin's mom say she was wrong, and that is wrong. Collin chose Adam.

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