Tomorrow People
Things Fall Apart

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Batgirl. Na na na na na na na na na. Batgirl.
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A helmeted Cassandra "Cassie" Smythe (played by Serinda Swan, Graceland) looks like a modernized Batgirl (new colors, no cape, no mask) as she teleports out of a bank, with a sack full of loot. She hops on her motorcycle, which is cool, but seems like a worse escape vehicle than her own teleportable bod. Proving my point, two NYPD cruisers pen her in. The cops get out of their cars, aim their weapons at her and order her to drop the money and put her hands in the air.

Cassandra: I drop the money, raise my hands and TK TP their cruisers out of there.

Cop 1: We're a little stunned, to say the least.

Cassandra: Next I TK the ammo right out of their guns.

Recapper: There should be one of you at every school in America.

Cassandra: Right? Next I TK these fine officers a bit down the street.

Cops: Which... ouch!

Cassandra: Sorry, boys. I need my elbow room. Still holding the ammo, I throw it at the wall behind me. It detonates, explodes, fires, go off -- what have you. I take off my helmet, drop it on the ground...

Recapper: Next to the money bag! What kind of crap bank robber are you?

Cassandra: One with daddy issues While I zoom off, my hair flying in the wind, take a look at the spot where the ammo struck.

Recapper: Okay. It says, "HI DAD." Really? Still, you're already as badass as I'd once hoped Cara would be. I wonder if we can trade you for her.

Writers: But Cara is so cool.

Recapper: No she isn't.

Writers: Cassandra has issues. Cara is righteous.

Recapper: Self-righteous, maybe. Please, can't we keep Cassie, instead? I'd be willing to mistakenly call her Cara from time to time. I can chalk it up to a typo. Nobody will ever know.

Writers: Nope.

Recapper: Crap. Speaking of, Stephen wakes with a start. He must have witnessed the whole scene in his sleep. When he gets downstairs, Marla tells him Astrid's dad called. He hasn't heard from his daughter in 24 hours.

Stephen: I'm smooth as I deflect mom's questions.

Recapper: No, you're not.

Stephen: Well, I deftly handle mom.

Recapper: Nope. Try again.

Stephen: Fine, mom lectures me about messing with people's lives, but I put her off by telling her Astrid will be home soon. She trusts me.

Marla: Wow, you're no better at telling the truth than you are at lying. I'm ashamed of myself.

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Tomorrow People




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