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Worry Never Robs Tomorrow Of Its Sorrow
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We open with an expanded retelling of the end of "Death's Door."

STEPHEN: I'm coding. In Limbo, my father, Roger, says we have to find his body, and some Simon Plame guy who will explain everything. I sure hope so, because I have a hard time following... well, most things.

JOHN: Cara connects with dead Stephen and then I guess the strength of their bond or whatever revives him. I've been following the online chatter, and apparently I'm rather in demand, so while Cara is smoking hot, I'm starting to be more than a little okay with her exploring vanilla puppy love.

RUSSELL: Ahem. Stephen tells us what Roger told him. Cara doubts him, so Stephen tells her to check his memory. When she grabs his hand, she comes up blank.

AUDIENCE: She has come up blank for us since she first grabbed something else of this manchild's, but we digress.

STEPHEN: I remove the electronic leads from my bare chest.

AUDIENCE: And like us, those leads aren't actually connected to anything.

WRITERS: Would you believe they're wireless?

TIM: Stephen asks me about Plame, but...

RECAPPER: Shut up, TIM. Downton Abbey just started up again in the U.S., and my irrational anger at Dan Stevens for leaving the show positively festers, every time I hear your voice.

CARA: TIM shows us the files on Plame. He's a beefy, bald guy. There's been no documentation on him since Roger's "disappearance."

STEPHEN: Do you have to wrap disappearance in scare quotes, Cara?

CARA: I'm just quoting TIM, because the recapper benched him.

STEPHEN: My point is I know my father is still alive, which I prove by mentioning we have to find his corpse. See? It all fits together.

JOHN: There, there. We believe you.

STEPHEN: Well, I still have to swan off, or I'll be late for supper.

Stephen's House...

LUCA: You look like death -- like patient zero in the zombie apocalypse.

STEPHEN: Um, well mom, you look lovely.

MARLA: Oh, no. Did you wake up in the neighbor's bed, again?

LUCA: Mom's got a boyfriend. Mom's got a boyfriend.

MARLA: Stephen, I'm going to take my sweet time getting you a glass of water, so you can talk to your brother and I can pretend not to overhear, even though I'm only about ten feet away.

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