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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Meanwhile, Jed waits all alone. A bemused smirk plays at his lips.

We cut to a working subway station. A transit worker (or Ultra agent dressed as one) enters a subway car and asks the passengers to exit. Once the passengers are off, Ultra agents enter. Back at Ultra, Founder and the other Ultra SUPES keep sniffing for Jed. In the lair, Cara warns John that Ultra is almost there. "You have to go. You have to get him..." John interrupts. "I know what I have to do."

As John frees him, Jed asks if they're going somewhere. When he realizes John has a gun, he understands. They teleport out of the lair and smack dab into a commercial for my local affiliate's 10 o'clock newscast.

John and Jed land in Safe House 46. Jed gushes about the rush of teleportation, but when he mentions his brother, Roger, John pulls out his gun and aims it at Jed. "Shut up. How dare you mention his name." We flash back to...

SIX YEARS EARLIER. John hides in an alley and watches Roger get into his car. When Roger turns the key, the engine sputters. There's an explosion in the car's trunk. Roger TPs out of the car and into the alley, before the whole car goes kaboom. When he hears a gun cock, Roger turns to find John's finger on the trigger. Roger says, "I can't believe my brother put you of all people up to this. You don't have to do this, John." John asks Roger why he turned against Ultra. "Why couldn't you have just stayed hidden?" Roger says, "Look into my heart. You know me. I was protecting our kind." He closes in on John. "Now put the gun down." John fires his weapon. Roger falls to the ground.

Back in the present, John has his weapon trained on Jed. "I killed a man who cared for me, who believed in me, who was supposed to save our species. You son of a bitch. All these years I've been leading the Tomorrow People on a search for a dead man." Well, then, it looks like there's more than one son of a bitch in the room. Sorry, John, I love ya, but seriously? Jed says, "You think you're a liar? A hypocrite? A murderer? John you're not." John screams at Jed to shut up, but I wish he wouldn't because Jed nearly sounded ready to reveal a hidden agenda. John tells Jed he trusted Jed like a father, but he used him. John says he lost everything the day he killed Roger. Jed's eyes are sad. "You're just a boy looking for a family. That's what you'll always be."

We close in on John who fires 10 shots. We cut to Jed, who looks like he might need a change of drawers, but who is otherwise just skippy. Well, he already looked like hell from Cara's beating, but there aren't any bullet holes in him. As Jed pants and reassures himself he hasn't been shot, John throws down his gun and says, "You think you made me -- that I'm your creation. I'm not. And I'm sure as hell not your son. You don't get to decide what I am." They're interrupted by the sound of cars screeching to a halt, outside.

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Tomorrow People




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